Antwerp 2023

It said section 117. That’s in the best area according to this.

That is my thinking, I do not want to see all the finals, but might be worth the money to get good seats.

Week pass for me. Fingers crossed.

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I was in Anaheim and really enjoyed it. This might be the only one outside the country that I ever get to.

So jealous of everyone who is going.

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I wish we could all go! Maybe more people will be at Olympic trials year after next.

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I speak Spanish at C2 level and find most accents are very easy to understand or just need a little time to adjust to, Colombian and Mexican are the easiest imo, but man Caribbean Spanish is impossible to understand. It’s like they have a time limit when they speak. Ironic cause I’m really close with some people from PR/DR, and I still struggle to understand them speaking at their normal speed despite years of speaking with them in Spanish.

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Week pass booked! Hopefully term timetabling will cooperate :crossed_fingers:

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We should have a WWGYM reunion at the next Olympic Trials


This would be awesome.

Yeah, i mean, Cuban for example is hard for me sometimes and I’m Spanish.

Mostly you could call them all Spanish, but it’s a question of register, if it gets really slangy then Mexicans can be totally incomprehensible for me, but if we’re talking on a very formal level then a lot of times there’s barely any difference between countries.

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Columbian accents are really hard for me

I agree with the Caribbean Spanish but other than those countries, I usually don’t have an issue but the Caribbean Spanish speakers get pissed when you don’t understand them