And the coaching changes have begun

Courtney McCool also has limited obligations as volunteer coach. She comes to practices and also meets, but doesn’t have any other duties beyond that.

From what I understand with the arrangement is that this allows Courtney day time with their two daughters.

I am sure once the girls are older that she would be inclined to take a paid position. I would also expect them to probably take something within the next few years since they will want to be secure and some place stable so their daughters can attend school without being moved again.

Chad Wiest from Washington to Kentucky

Vince Smurro from Iowa to Stanford

Marie Sophie Boggash promoted from interim head coach at Alaska to permanent head coach (as long as the program doesn’t drop again)

Jess Santos at ASU is now Co-Head Coach with husband Jay.

Well, we didn’t have to wait long to find out Utah’s new assistant coach! Jimmy Pratt, who has just spent two seasons at Denver as the vault and floor coach.


Comeback KWEEN

Sad for Marie Denick as she did a great job as interim head coach…hopefully she will still be associate head coach.

Lindenwood hires Catelyn Orel as head coach. She only had a couple seasons experience at Arkansas before this. Jordyn put in a good word for sure.

Such young coaches. She literally just came off graduation in 2019.

Good for her!

i thought same thing…and I think she may have even graduated early (she was listed on the 2018-2019 Nebraska roster as a junior), then worked as a VC for Arkansas 2020, and only 1 year experience as an AC for them last year. So…she’s going into a HC position as a what, 23-24 yr old with only 1 full year experience as an asst?

Well it is Lindenwood a division 2 school. Jen Llewellyn really built the program up but had only one year as a student graduate assistant at OSU before heading to Lindenwood as a graduate assistant and took over as head coach after the first season as a team. So they have had luck with an inexperienced coach before. Plus I would assume not too many experienced coaches are going to want to take on a division 2 school.

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They also became the 3rd D2 program to make regionals under Jen. They’ve been consistently on top of the MIC, plus they’ve won a handful of USAG nationals and made the final nearly every year. The foundation is there for her to maintain or improve upon that if she just takes Jordyn’s formula and applies it at Lindenwood.

according to Greg Marsden, Bill Lorenz is out at Alabama


Another one bites the dust under Dana…

Alabama just posted an Instagram story saying goodbye and good luck, so it’s seems amicable. There was a little note about coach to computer geek, so not sure if he is taking an entirely different job or what.

I also recently met a different former assistant who was let go by Alabama and he wasn’t reall happy with the circumstances around his contract being ended, so idk.

Do we think think he is a possibility for Clemson?

I don’t believe so. I have from a pretty good source that he was talking exiting coaching for mainstream job. I have a feeling that he has chosen a job in a completely different field from any sport

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Ah bummer. I am anxiously awaiting news of a coaching hire out of Clemson!! Hoping it is a good one!

Clemson is a few seasons off, I don’t anticipate a hire right away.

I am willing to bet $$$$ that the McCool-Griffeth team gets the call though!

Yes when our camp talked with Dana the other day she said he was taking a job in the cyber world.

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Yale will need a head coach, as Barbara Tonry Yale’s head coach of 48 years passed away.