And the coaching changes have begun

Chuck Dickerson from Kentucky has been “let go”

Pretty horrible.

Even more horrible considering that Kentucky is still competing at Nationals.

Bunn and Worley don’t need this news interrupting their focus.

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yea, seems very poor timing! Granted I don’t have any ties to UK, but everyone I’ve talked to has only ever said good things about Chuck …so not sure the reasoning here

Perhaps frustration in the AD over Kentucky losing to LSU in SLC? I don’t see how firing him would solve that, but maybe that’s the motivation.

What event(s) did he coach?

Kentucky bad a great season, no?

I think their regular season was a bit up and down, beam struggles in the first half and getting stuck in the day session at SECs, but they also had a victory over LSU at home. They looked super strong at regionals, and I think they should’ve earned a berth to NCAAs over LSU.

Jen Llewellyn to HC position at UW.

Heard Wiest took the opening at Kentucky left by Dickerson

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I knew this was going to happen considering all she has done for Lindenwood.

Congrats to her. I hope the Huskies return to becoming a national contender with her.

In other news McNamara has transferred to UCLA.

UW’s incoming freshman class has the potential to bring them back to regionals at the very least. Nabbing Leah Smith is huge for them.

I wonder who they are going to bring in to fill Bob Moore’s void. That’s a premiere coaching position right there.


John Feeny, head coach of Brockport retires.

Alexis Vasquez has retired. I’m glad she’s going out on her own terms since she did not look happy competing at regionals. A mature and very self-aware decision.

Paul Beckwith retires as Cornell’s head coach, Melanie Hall promoted to HC, leaving them with an open AC position.

Dave Kuzara is Denver’s new assistant coach. Pittsburgh now has an assistant coach opening.

Not sure if anyone posted this… big change here though…

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I’m surprised they both left Utah for the same positions, wonder how much $$ they’ve (well Garrett) been offered. Curious who Farden will replace them with? I wonder if they will stick with LSU until they can get a HC and AC position (most likely at UGA whenever CKC gets the push) or will move again.

That is a huge move.

Interesting, that Ashley Claire Kearny was pulled as volunteer assistant coach so that Courtney could take the position. ACK will now be working as a paid member of the athletic department with DD.
ACK is a lawyer by day IIRC, maybe she is giving up law and deciding to be with LSU full time?

Why can’t Courtney get paid?

NCAA limits the number of allowed paid coaching positions per team. Iirc, it’s one head coach and two assistant coaches, and then they can have a volunteer assistant coach. The volunteer coaches usually get some income from doing camps in the summer, but it definitely doesn’t add up to a full paid position and wouldn’t give them benefits