An interesting interview with Morinari Watanabe

Here are some highlights.

Critically, in areas such as ethics, safeguarding and competition judging, that has occurred. But even for someone of Watanabe’s persuasive gifts, it has not been a simple or straightforward process.

“The most difficult thing is to change the mindset of the gymnastics family,” he said. "Fruits will not grow unless the soil is transformed. Gymnastics is a traditional sport. Traditional culture doesn’t like change.

“To that end, the FIG is developing Fujitsu’s computer scoring system. In the new cycle, we will challenge the live scoring system of rhythmic gymnastics. The innovation for FIG is introducing a live scoring system that will help the audience understand the results.”


The concern for great and small - all of whom vote alike of course - was echoed in further comments: "I want to solve the problem where some federations are not able to attend the Congress because of their financial situation. I want to make the Congress more transparent and fair opportunity for all member federations. To achieve it, FIG decided to pay a flight ticket as well as a room per federation, to all member federations in good standing to participate in the Congress…


“It’s a new opportunity,” Watanabe said. "I have a dream that one day like the Olympics, the World Championships of all our disciplines; artistic, rhythmic, trampoline, acrobatic, aerobic, parkour, the World Gym for Life Challenge, and if possible, TeamGym sometime in future, will be held in the same host city in the same period of time together.