What’s the deal with alternates?

Will Tom name any alternates on top of the +2’s?

I feel like he probably will. The US usually likes to name 2 or three alternates even if it’s just a consolation prize.

I can’t imagine they’ll be traveling alternates given the pandemic, so effectively it’ll probably just be the +2.

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Per the published selection procedures:

The Athlete Selection Committee will determine the remaining two (2) athletes to fill the quotas for the Team Competition and at least one (1) and up to three (3) replacement athletes from among the competitors at the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Women’s Gymnastics or accepted petitions (see 1.4.) utilizing the discretionary criteria outlined in Section 2.2.



But it doesn’t say which spots are alternates for which position.

Let’s imagine Riley gets the second +1. Does she have an alternate?

If she’s moved up into the main team, does her spot get filled by an alternate?

If I was an alternate I’d want to know if I was a “team” alternate or a “+1” alternate.

The language I posted is specific to the team competition.

I see nothing in the selection procedures about selecting alternates for the NOC +1 spot.

Apparently China are picking 2 team alternates abd one +1 alternate.

Has there been confirmation yet that Japan will definitely allow alternates in?