Allen Bower Funding

This was very poor treatment by USAG.

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Inside Gymnastics did a full article about it:

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Ugly ugly ugly. There’s absolutely nothing defensible about how USAG has handled any of this.


Paul Juda didn’t get funding either, despite winning the +1 spot for the Olympics at Pan Ams.

Ok funding aside, why the hell isn’t he invited to World’s selection camp? I’m rooting for him to finally make a team now more than ever.


Me too! I want him competing.

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Obviously one doesn’t expect ethics from USAG, but it doesn’t seem a particularly sensible idea to give so few fucks about an alternate when the competition is being held in an actual pandemic. You’ think pure self-interest would kick in.


Yeah, at some point you expect them to stop shooting their own feet, but they haven’t yet!


So there seems to be issues with communication on not just the WAG side but also MAG.


Bower as alternate and Paul Juda as obtaining +1 should be added to the national team and receive funding and both should have an invite to Worlds camp.

I don’t understand why Juda was not selected as an alternate for Tokyo. They skipped him and Riley Loos for Cameron Bock, who has similar scores to Juda but score 1.4 less in the AA.
Blatant favoritism there.


And this too:

I’m asking myself how these athletes afford to risk themselves if USAG takes away their health insurance.

100% agree… I never thought it was fair that Juda earned the +1 for the USA but was unable to benefit from it

There’s a gofundme

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The gofundme already met it’s $25,000 goal! And this is interesting…



Just adding the document to the thread…

that’s awesome! I think it was around18,000 when I posted it!

USAG’s response to Mark Williams’ tweet (via Gymcastic):

Mark Williams’ response: Neither Allan nor I were advised or contacted by anyone at USA Gymnastics regarding the information contained in, or even the existence of, the statement below. Frustrated isn’t a big enough word.

But does he get an invite to World Camp?


But they still haven’t explained why no invite to worlds selection.


Announcing an apology without apologizing to the actual person you slighted!? Holy PR bullshit Batman. USAG can’t even clean up their own messes without screwing up.