Al Fong Under Investigation by SafeSport

Not much detail. But I cannot imagine how hard this whole process is on those whole file complaints. Its been nearly 3 years and absolutely no resolution.

The investigation of Fong, which has not been previously reported, has been ongoing since at least June 2020 and is in response to approximately 40 allegations of abuse, according to four people familiar with the investigation and U.S. Center for SafeSport documents.

The time of when the alleged abuse took place ranges from the early 2000s to recent years, according to three people familiar with the investigation and documents.

Least surprising news of the year so far.


The fact that he was allowed to continue on all these years and was never formally investigated (IIRC) after he had two gymnasts literally die and Ivana Hong went on the news with her accusations back in what, 2008-2009?, makes this whole thing feel like a day late and a dollar short.


I’ve always wondered who he’s sleeping with/has kompromat on to have got this far, to be honest.

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What were Hong’s accusations? I don’t remember her coming out to say anything

Thank you

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No one in America cared about gymnasts’ safety before 2017 so he didn’t even have to do any of that.


Yeah actually, who the fuck am I kidding?