Al Fong and Valeri Liukin article


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I thought it was good but… absolutely no new information, at least as far as informed gymnastics people are concerned. I did appreciate how it connects the long history of these tyrant coaches across sports, mens and women’s, and their remarkable ability to avoid accountability so long as they win.


So sad, but true.

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Scott Reid tweeted last week that USA Gymnastics denied him media credentials to Nationals, and he pointed out that Fong and Liukin would be on the floor while undergoing investigations.

Scott Reid:

Leung and USA Gymnastics officials were aware of the allegations but only chose to go another direction after an SCNG report made the U.S. Center SafeSport investigations public. Since then a U.S. national team member has filed complaints alleging she was verbally abused by Liukin, according to two people familiar with the complaint.

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we are all thinking Konor, right? I hope not, poor girl can’t catch a break, but that’s who my mind went to.