Aimee Boorman (Simone's former coach) named Olympic coach for the Netherlands

The personal coaches will not travel to Tokyo, instead boorman will be one of the coaches, together with the current Heereveen Junior coach

The Dutch gymnastics federation just announced this…

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Link please?

This came out of nowhere.

Does she have any connections with the Dutch Federation or I assume they reached out to her.


If only she could be HPD for USAG. If only.


She has been in the Netherlands the last few weeks to do clinics and workshops. She was at the team trainings at least once. She will go to Europeans with the Dutch team as a shadow and after Euro’s the transition will take place to Bram (male headcoach) Jose (junior coach) and Aimee. T hey will lead the central team training and olympic preparation. In between central training they continue to train with the personal coaches

I was under the impression Aimee was busy managing a gym and with her family. It’s good news that she’s venturing out in a way that might influence the culture of gymnastics.

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IIRC, Aimee stepped down because the parents were, ahem, batshit.



Crazy parents have long been part of the toxic culture. Some of those stories make me feel sorry for the coaches.

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Sometimes I miss coaching. Then I remember getting my ass chewed out by parents because their 4 year old had not yet mastered cartwheels, and I miss it a lot less.

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Google Dutch Gymnastics Federation but as it is all over the gymternet do you still need a link?

Not really, but just saying you posted a link for whom requested it and it’s a non-working link.

That’s all.

So… I guess multilevel marketing wasn’t working out financially.


Why won’t the personal coaches be allowed?

Lieke seems upset:

Do you think it’s to do with the investigation?

Looks like it. But ALL the coaches ?! Is that really necessary ? It seems like the gymnasts don’t feel positive about the decision.

The Dutch Fed has been tripping all over themselves for a couple years now about how to best muck things up every step of the way.

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I know that gymnast’s parents will not be allowed to travel to Tokyo. I also wonder if perhaps they are limiting the number of coaches that go to Tokyo as well.

Because of COVID or… they just aren’t providing funding?