Adult Gymnastics

I find it so interesting to read about the benefits Chellsie and other adults have from adult gymnastics. A few snippets from people have been posted about their personal experiences. I thought about making a thread right around the same time I came across this:


Ksenia Semenova, Karina Myasnikova and a few others from that generation often work out together. They are all still pretty good and some of them participate in competitive fitness


Impressive. When I tore my meniscus to shreds at 28 as a level 9 trampolinist I decided enough was enough.

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I started adult gymnastics last summer and I’m loving it. I did trampolining for 20 years but got injured in 2018. The pandemic hit just as I was ready to come back so I had 1.5 years of not being able to walk without pain and then a mish mash of YT workouts during lockdowns. I’m currently very unfit but I’m now doing gym (having not done gymnastics since primary school) and I’m also trying to get my trampolining skills back.

I’ve been coaching artistic for five years and now that my club has started an adult class I finally get to play on the equipment! It’s incredibly satisfying to make minuscule progress e.g I can now (just!) hang on the bar for 10 seconds when I couldn’t do two seconds last year. I’ve entered my first adult gym competition as a 40 year old which might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done. I’m only doing beam but I’m really excited.


Thanks for starting this thread rlayt. Chellsie’s videos definitely inspired me and were one of the few highlights of 2020.

This is a beautiful piece about adult gymnastics:

It’s a few years ago but I saw a youtube video of a group of adult women who trained together and competed at a level 5 meet


I did rec classes on and off as a kid, but most of my gymnastics (practice, skills gained, and all my competing) was as an adult. I got my kip for the first time at 25, started competing level 6 in NAIGC at 32, and hope to get back to it at some point here. Both doing rec classes and having the opportunity to do NAIGC as an adult have been great experiences, and I’ve made amazing friends there.


Rafiki that article is great!

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I’ve been taking adult classes 1x a week for about two years! I adore it. At 37, I got my first standing back tuck and cast to handstand. I’m even swinging giants on the strap bar. It’s astounding.


Pacific Reign is doing Adult Summer Camp, for anybody interested:


Oh gosh. If only my trip to Washington this summer wasn’t one month earlier. Maybe next year, hoping they do it again.

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Wow, it’s expensive. Over $42/hour.

I stumbled across this Facebook group the other day, and they have a Google doc of all of the gyms globally they know that offer adult classes. I surprisingly found one that has everything I’m looking for nearby (hotbeds, a tumbl trak and double mini tramp that both go into a pit) and I couldn’t be more excited!

It’s kind of scary to think about though: my brain still knows how to do these difficult skills but my body might be on a completely different page. I guess I’ll just take it easy and find out my threshold. Like Robin, my last go ended with a torn ACL and meniscus a decade ago at the end of a long coaching day. No time for injuries!


Wow. The world has gone mad. As if adult summer camp wasn’t bad enough

Higher insurance rates to cover adults.

In the winter it costs $40 an hour here to use a venue for my activities. Without instruction. It doesn’t seem that crazy to me.

If you’re just looking at it from a cost per training hour, you’re missing the point and this isn’t for you. :woman_shrugging:

If I wasn’t fat, out of shape, and just dropped several thousand dollars to book trips to Germany and Canada, I’d seriously consider going.

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Having space, the equipment, etc is invaluable when I rent a place for my use Denn. And I don’t have to maintain it or insure it. I suspect people would feel the same about gymnastics.

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I get all that, but even here in NYC, a drop-in class is $40 for 1.5 hours, including all equipment and 2-4 coaches. I get that there are things other than the gymnastics at this camp, but I would have expected either something more like a $450 price-point or maybe some more time in there.

BTW, the only reason I said anything is because this gym is so close to my 2nd home (my guy lives in Bellevue, WA and one of my good friends lives up in Bothell, next town over, and might have been interested, too), so I did seriously think about it.