2026 World Artistic Championships: Rotterdam, NED

I swear Rotterdam hosts Worlds every quad?

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1987, 2010 and 2026 for Rotterdam? Did I miss any other year?

I am looking forward to Lisbon… I would love to go to Portugal


Lisbon is hosting gymnaestrada, the amateur gymnastics festival, no worlds

well poop

You do have to feel a little bit sorry for gymnastic fans outside of Europe. They seem to get a worlds once in a blue moon. Which is great for us in Europe, being in a reasonable time zone and easy travel, but not so much for anyone else.

But then look at the number of participants from Europe v non Europe


Thats true, but there must be a lot of fans in USA, Asia and Australia (basing the last one on the packed CWG '18).
However, it is probably easier for places in Europe to sell out seats- as we saw with Doha, it’s sadly just not that popular some places.

Anaheim in 2003 was a huge crowd. And for that time the tickets were very expensive.

It really was! I was so excited, and had intended to go to at least one session, but the tickets were way out of my range.

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:thinking::thinking: i might even go to Rotterdam, 16 f#[email protected] years after i was there screaming for nabieva in tf, then screaming AT nabieva, baffling everyone around me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s wild that I’ve been to Stuttgart worlds twice and will hopefully go to Rotterdam worlds twice during my gym fandom. Europe really is spoiled.

I stayed in a youth hostel dorm for 2010 worlds. All but one person ended up being there for gymnastics so it was a lot of fun. I felt sorry for the lone Rotterdam tourist who had no idea what we were all on about most of the time.

I’m jealous.

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