2024 Paris Qualification Procedures

Again, why are you taking Hypolito who only does one event for team finals (beam) to Worlds.
It is absolutely pointless. Especially when they were taking Olivera for bars specifically for that reason.

Hypolito was not even an alternate. Carolyn Pedro was due to her AA effort.

I am still unclear as to why Olivera didn’t do BB or FX considering that she at least had done the AA earlier at Brazil Nationals. However, she was almost always a bars specialist at Worlds. She even had a DTY at one point and did VT in team finals in Rio. Maybe they had no trained with her planning to do AA as she was only set to do UB in TQ.

Hypolito wasn’t an alternate because she’d been left out of contention for major teams, that’s the point. She ceased to be an option because of the decisions he made. Her scores in 2017 and 2018 would’ve been usable on more than beam in Stuttgart, and you were right to point out that the world cup route is also an option that ought to have been considered for her. I hadn’t thought of that. Valeri’s failure to ensure there were gymnasts beyond the core who could be called on in emergencies goes beyond Daniele too. Costa hadn’t been in the main squad either, but they ended up needing her as an alternate. And these were all choices on Valeri’s part.

Bottom line is, you can’t say the team not qualifying because of a series of unfortunate and unpredictable events, one of which was actually pretty predictable, isn’t the head coach’s fault when there was no insurance option in place either.


Agree to disagree.
I think an AAer Hypolito would have been valued for the team, but she decided to stop doing all around after 2018.

Hypolito never stopped training all-around, and even without vault and bars she would have been far more valuable than Costa, who was training 1,5/2 hours a day between shifts as part of the administrative staff of the olympic committee just a couple of months before worlds. Hypolito’s floor OR beam instead of Costa’s could have made a huge difference. And yes, she was told there was no room left for her, as if Brazil was the US and had 30 or more other gymnasts to choose from.

Barbosa’s first injury did not happen in Stuttgart. It happened earlier in the year, during Pan Ams podium training in Lima, where she did not compete. She already had a knee injury (though not as severe) before vaulting in Stuttgart.

Oliveira was also injured (foot) and had not competed any other events in 2019.

Not to blame anyone for Andrade’s injury (and if I had to blame anyone it would be Alexandrov for her first ACL in 2015) but having her compete a 2 1/2- punch layout full THIRD pass on floor was very stupid.

Edited to add: Brazil had already experienced a similar situation at 2019 Pan Ams, competing only 3 gymnasts on vault, beam and floor because there was no one left to replace Barbosa at the time.

True, but a bitt different than doing the AA in meets and training soft sets.
What they really needed was a strong bars worker, but didn’t really have anyone that had potential.
They should have qualified with that team, but got unlucky with unusual errors on beam and floor and all scores how to count.
But from what I remember, Barbosa was only supposed to do vault and floor in team qualifications, with Olivera doing UB and BB. How come Olivera didn’t at least attempt a beam routine after Costa fell?
Fidelis on FX alone essentially cost the team 12th place.
If you give her back the fall and the .3 OOB the difference is .125

Yeah I wish she hadn’t done that. That’s tough to time correctly on tired legs.

Beth used to do it but she had quite a big gap between her Double Arabian pike and her dismount to rest up.

She also didn’t have loads of choices when it came to tumbling. I think it did cause her problems sometimes but, especially in the 00s when the execution deductions were still quite lenient, it was probably done on the grounds of what better option is there.

don’t I know that!
-Sandra I


Still trying to figure how to quote messages…

The 2019 worlds line-up should have been Saraiva, Fidelis and Barbosa doing AA, Costa VT BB and FX and Oliveira UB. Oliveira was too injured to do anything else besides UBs during most of that year.

Liukin’s biggest mistake was dismissing Hypolito. She would have done better than Costa everywhere(Costa did not fall off BB ). The team composition was so disastrous that after Pedro got injured already in Stuttgart, they had to fly in another alternate, Isabel Barbosa, a girl that had not competed all year either due to injury and who was also semi-injured! When Jade got hurt we were reduced to a “3,25 gymnast” team.

I could perhaps agree to the “bad luck” theory if this exact same situation had not happen in Lima months earlier. We almost lost the bronze there to Argentina by competing with a team also composed by 3,25 gymnasts (Saraiva Fidelis and Pedro doing AA, Oliveira UB).

Except it was Barbosa VT/FX, Olivera UB/BB and the other 3 AA.
It shows DNS for Barbosa on FX (DNS Did Not Start) and Olivera DNS for BB.
It would be DNS for BB and FX for Barbosa.

That changed during the competition, when the meet was already going on!
Brazil started on vault. Jade got hurt.
Then Costa,who was not supposed to do UB, was placed in the line-up replacing Jade.
They also thought/hoped Oliveira would be able to perform a last-minute basic beam routine, so she was put in the beam line-up and even tried to warm-up, but she was too injured to do anything. Hence the DNS under her name.
There was no way Oliveira would be able to do floor, so Jade’s name was kept in the FX line-up and she got a DNS there as well, it would not make a difference to change it anyway.

The original line-up, until the end of the vault rotation, was Saraiva, Barbosa and Fidelis AA, Costa VT BB and FX and Oliveira UB.

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Oh ok.

Thanks for the explanation, and that makes sense. I figured Olivera was going to do beam because she was pretty good on it and had won silver at Nationals.
Brazil really did have an unfortunate Worlds with injuries. First Andrade, then Olivera, and then Barbosa last minute.

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