2024 Olympics qualification procedures

I believe this is slightly out of date because WAG and MAG each lost 2 individual slots. (Sorry for the small size)

Here are the Apparatus World Cups. They really need to re-think this. No qualification events in the Americas or east Asia? All four competitions in a relatively compact geographic area? Its not at all equitable and really puts gymnasts from far away at an incredible disadvantage.

Wow, I was thinking “They can’t make things worse” but when you consider that we had all those specialists winning medals, and this will prohibit some, perhaps quite a bit of that, then, yes, they maybe did.

And add to this, that you have to qualify to worlds via continental championships. Here’s that chart for 2022 worlds.

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I do like that the 13th-15th place teams get to send 2 non nominative athletes.


Many of these individuals would have been on a 5 person team however. I can see how China MAG might have been a bit of a hard time to choose, but that has always been the case for them. Most likely Zou Jingyuan would have gone to Tokyo as his pbars score alone is huge for China’s team effort.
Hwever, Zapata would have been on a 5 person Spanish team, as would Shin jea-hwan for Korea.

For WAG, Guan Chenchen would likely have been on the Chinese 5 person team. But Ilyankova would likely have not been on the team over Geraminisova. But Ilyankova is not from World Cup qualification though.

So I don’t see a huge issue with this route instead.

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Ilyanka was completely redundant as well. The only major WAG player that would not have made it to Tokyo based on this system was Yeo, but with the major teams not able to participate in the world cups to earn individuals (this is a very good change), she would have sailed through. Iordache and Chusovitina would have also had many more avenues for qualifying.

Lauren has written a good article on how Tokyo would have gone if this system was in place. What happens to AUS WAG and TUR MAG is interesting.


We definitely need further clarification.

In terms of the teams 13-15 qualify 2 athletes. Are these nominative or non-nominative?
I am assuming they are non-nominative as that was the case in the past.