2023 Xfinity Nationals Senior WAG Day 1 discussion

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So I’m a bit late to the party - I see that USAG is streaming the meet on their YouTube. Does anyone know whether it’ll be accessible outside the US?


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So, um, did Doug leave the board? No judging along this year?

Doug is fine but taking a break from social media, but yeah no spreadsheet this year.


Start Lists at https://static.usagym.org/PDFs/Results/2023/w_23champs_startsr1.pdf

Interesting that they’ve updated the junior one to reflect Claire Pease doing UB only, but not the senior’s. I’m assuming Lexi Zeiss is out since we didn’t see her during PT.

So it seems like Simone is single-vaulting it this competition but if she did a handspring layout or something else, would that plus a nicely landed YDP get her into the medals?

Handspring layout is not easy! Has she ever competed handspring entry vaults? It’s not something you can just chuck. And why would she just for a vault medal at nationals?

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sorry, yo, I don’t know what vaults are timer/simple ones. Maybe she would want a medal to get golds on everything, maybe she doesn’t care, none of us know. Just asking.

There are multiple athletes doing two vaults though, from what I know.


So that is 6. I might have missed someone.

Not really worth it for Simone to do a 2nd vault. A FHS (if she could do it safely) wouldn’t get her into the medals.

I thought Roberson only warmed up one vault in PT so wasn’t counting her but maybe her other vault didn’t need warming up or additional training.

It just seems to me an insanely risky thing to do for such insignificant reward.

Handspring layout is a challenging vault, the only person who’d consider it a timer is Elena Produnova


Already explained I didn’t know the name of an easy vault but thanks for the clarification.

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Assuming that a 1/2 on is not an option and an omelianchik would be out of the question, she could very likely throw a layout tsuk but it wouldn’t be enough to medal and would be a crazy risk to take.

Simone does have a Cheng. But Laurent did not appear too confident with it.

Given the potential PTSD on vault due to Tokyo, it makes sense to limit Simone to just one vault. From what I have heard from interviews and Gymcastic, she doesn’t have the Amanar.

She could do a Lopez, I’ve no doubt about that.

But is a US championships podium placement on vault worth anything much given all of Biles’ accolades?

Makes sense just to skip the second vault this year and focus on her all around routines.

Simone only needs one medal to go ahead of Latynina (they are tied) for total medals. That tie will be broken with the team medal.

So I wouldn’t be entirely shocked if Simone skips vault finals, especially considering that the World team will have several gymnasts with two vaults that will make event finals.

Should Roberson and Carey both be on the World team, they will make event finals on vault and probably both favorites for a vault medal. Blakely, Chiles, and Wong also have two vaults and all three could be on the World team.


Simone just warmed up a Cheng


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