2023 Xfinity Nationals Junior WAG Day 2 discussion

conversation starts here!

Anyone have the links to scores and youtube handy?

It looks like Jayla Hang has withdrawn.

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Let’s go!

A little more than a point separates 1-4. The top 3 all have places they can improve.

I like Bullock’s leo, very simple.

YouTube stream staring at an empty beam

Why are we getting a shot of the beam when the leader was vaulting??

They totally ignored Simone in the day 1 coverage. Who’s cereal did she piss in??

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The cameraman or whoever directs them has no clue.

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It’s really odd, cause there were more athletes in the senior division, and the stream showed us most of the routines live or on replay.

Tyler Turner has so much potential I think. Huge pak, shame she hit the floor.

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Tyler Turner completely flubbed her Pak, but kept going with a loss to her momentum or anything.

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Tatum Drusch with a front double full on floor.

I love the color of the FSG leo. Like a softer version of the '07 US PT leo.

This WOGA leo makes Kayla DiCello’s use of rhinestones look restrained.

Ouch. WOGA leotard. Hezly confuses you and blinds you.

I don’t hate Bui’s leo? It’s different than Crain’s or am I losing my mind?

Nicole Desmond scratched floor.

GAGE juniors in two different leos.

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