2023 Xfinity Nationals Junior WAG Day 1 discussion

conversation starts here!

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Start lists are here: https://static.usagym.org/PDFs/Results/2023/w_23champs_startjr1.pdf

It has already started.

I think this is the first time they’ve required juniors do 2 vaults for the vault podium. At least since 2000 I guess.

Zoey Molomo has to work on her feet on bars.

I like Izzy Stassi’s seafoam green leo. Very understated.

Camera cut back to Jayla Hang just in time for the end of her beam routine.


I like Stasi’s leo. Another one I liked during warmup on beam was sherbet orange or coral. I hope that’s Simone Ross because she looks great in those colors.

I hope we get a replay of Rivera’s vaults.

Hardie’s floor music is extremely TCT.

Hardie does have presence when performing on FX, which is nice to see when so many gymnasts don’t.

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I don’t get why we can’t get a quad-box like PT or even a split screen. I feel like we’re seeing a lot of shots of beam prepping.

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Looks like we’ll have to wait for them to upload video of Rivera’s vaults.

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Ooh, a 2/1 turn on beam from the Camie Westerman. Looked like her foot slipped on 1.5 dismount but still landed it. One of those athletes I’m surprised qualified.

The camera work just seems kind of amateurish, unable to know where to focus on and we end up missing a lot of routines.


Oh now they don’t want to focus on the beam when Simone Rose is performing…

As an aside, Simone Rose is just such a pretty name.


Ella Kate Parker looks taller. She’s having a rough time on floor. OOB and a fall.

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Why is Lavi Crain doing a toe 1/1 before kip cast pirouette to toe shoot? Just do the 1/1 on the high bar? GAGE things.

Fall and OOB on floor for Parker, her tumbling looks a little less labored. 10.95…ouch.


well crap. I wanted to see Simone Rose.

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