2023 World Qualification Status and Named Teams

She moved to Norway to take a coaching position

She’s back already. Started teaining about 1-2 months ago I think, may be earlier. She hasn’t made any official anouncements (yet), but it’s possible she’s aiming for Paris.

I hate this. Italy is like the new Russia in terms of athlete mismanagement, except that I haven’t built up the thick skin of cynicism about them yet. They’re perennial heartbreakers.

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Russia only really mismanages juniors, and it’s quite deliberate

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Oooh tell me more by what you mean by “deliberate”

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The sports culture here in Russia is still very Soviet. The concept of the individual is actively discouraged and everyone is working together towards one goal. We want an Olympic champion and it does not matter who. I never thought I’d be quoting Abby Lee Miller when describing Russian sports cultural, but everyone is replaceable. That is the sort of attitude that most sports are run on. Not everyone is supposed to make it to top senior level. Individual goals of less than that aren’t really catered to. Eteri is not going to keep you on because your dream is Disney On Ice.

It’s why figure skaters are one of our main exports. Gas, Oil, Figure Skaters.


It’s an odd mentality. Sure, everyone is replacable, but the more people you burn out, the fewer options you have for that Olympic champion. I guess they subscribe to the Karolyi philosophy that the best people are those who can take the heaviest beating without breaking?

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It’s about time and resources. It’s a completely different environment to where the athlete and their family are paying customers. In WAG and MAG, it’s not as emotionally brutal as the Karolyi regime, but in RG and FS, it’s probably even worse.

Okay, I can sort of see the logic there.

I’ve always thought of Abby Lee Miller as spiritually Russian.

This is somewhat of a fascinating attitude to take given how surprisingly little depth Russia has always had in WAG. Other than maybe 2010-2012, there has never really been a robust bench after so many juniors have met their demise. How many times did they have to trot Nabieva out to pick a wedgie on the vault runway and vault a skanky DTY to salvage a team bronze because there weren’t enough warm bodies?

With such a pipeline of figure skaters and Rhythmic Gymnasts, it certainly makes sense. I know WAG is not nearly as venerated of a sport, but it’s quite an interesting perspective.

I used to love it when that happened.


I’d put money on her still being able to


Yes, if anything that vault seemed to get more dynamic the further away she got from a regular training regime.


Right now!! The depth has been insane post Tokyo, especially with the juniors who are being paced very well

There is not much depth at all at the moment. If you look at the gymnasts born 1989-1992, that was insane depth. Likewise with the 1993-1996 cohort.

The first group included Lozhechko, Klyukina, Zmeu, Ivanova, Pravdina, Grudko, Kazantseva, Isaeva, Donodina, Kramarenko, Polyan, Elizarova, Afanasyeva, Myasnikova, Kokareva, Chikhireva, Sosnovtseva, Sazonova, Goryunova and Semenova.

The latter Myzdrikova, Dementyeva, Paseka, Mustafina, Nabieva, Solovyeva, Kurbatova, Komova, Grishina, Inshina and Belokobylskaya

Ana Perez, Alba Petisco, Laura Casabuena, Sara Pinilla, Laia Masferrer, Laia Source
The alternate has not been named yet.

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Has Ukraine MAG named their team already? Anxiously awaiting Oleg’s comeback! Also curious to see if Pahkniuk is back on the team.

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Per Gymnternet

Nazar Chepurnyi, Illia Kovtun, Igor Radivilov, Radomyr Stelmakh, Oleg Verniaiev (alternate Pantely Kolodii)

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Thanks :+1::+1:

Oleg is eligible again for completion?