2023 World Junior Gymnastic Artistic Championships (3/29-4/2, Antalya, Turkiye)

Yes. Parker got a 49.300 so just barely qualified.
VT: 12.600
UB: 11.700
BB: 12.100
FX: 12.900

Ouch. What has happened?

Probably going back to the basics to correct a lot of the poor execution and technique.
12.900 and 12.100 on beam are not horrible scores in the junior ranks.

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I heard stress fractures in both arms when she arrived at WOGA which needed to heal but definitely poor execution and technique from her early days. She came from the same club as Jos Roberson. They have the same issues. Poor techniques and basics especially on bars and poor execution.

Eeeeesh. Terrible basics from NETE and then stress fractures from CGA. Poor kid.

Yes, IIRC she had bilateral gymnast wrist and was limited in training for quite some time.

She fell on beam too, so she would have had a 13.10 there which is strong. Her 12.9 for floor won the event.

Funny, the score I was most surprised about was that for the FTY. Or did she do a double and crash?

Probably the FTY. Haven’t seen her do a DTY since Winter Cup 2022.

Any other elite qualifer news of interest?

Yeah, she’s literally never done it without eating her leotard

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I’d rather not see that again.


Lauren Hopkins keeps a list of elites qualified to WC/Classics and Nationals. https://thegymter.net/2023-u-s-elite-nationals-qualifiers/

Of potential interest, Kaliya Lincoln is back.


She did a FTY, 4.20 start value. So she got a 8.400 execution.

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Recent USA national team camp for juniors and seniors also included some “invited guests”. In addition to the 2008/9 junior national team members mentioned above, these are the 2008/9 invited guests. I would expect them to be in the junior worlds mix if they were included in this camp.

Simone Rose, Pacific Reign
Claire Pease, WOGA
Gabrielle Hardie, Twin City Twisters
Kieryn Finnell, Rochester Gymnastics Academy

I think Hardie and Pease are too young for junior worlds.

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Aren’t 2009 born eligible?

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You think Turkiye will still hold this event? It’s over a month out, but the devastation in Turkiye is pretty extensive.


Yes. 2008 and 2009

It would be sensible to cancel. They need all their focus on organising and repairing half the country as well as hospital care and housing and feeding people affected.

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