2023 World Junior Gymnastic Artistic Championships (3/29-4/2, Antalya, Turkiye)

Perotti!!! :heart: she gained a fan… great work from her.
Was that Korean baby really 13? She looked like 8 to me with some fake teeth…

Japan and Italy look like strong senior teams to come, IF they can stay free from big injuries :pray::pray:

i’m in love with the shape of you, kind of innapropriate song for a junior competition, no?

95% of the pop songs currently out there would be inappropriate for any competition with competitors under the age of 18.

Gangnam Style is wildly inappropriate for kids and yet it, ten years ago, it was played all over the place where there were kids.


Both Hwang and Perotti look about 10. I Hope any growth spurts don’t screw up their gymnastics too badly.

The Italian men shouldn’t be overlooked either, not just the girls but the boys team has picked up a bunch of medals. This bodes well for the Italian seniors who had a break out year last year.

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I’m at a 12&under jiujitsu tournament and Eminem just came on. Although I’m more offended that someone felt we needed a techno remix of REM’s “Losing My Religion”

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Growing up YMCA was played at al the basketball and hockey games I went to.

The coding meaning behind the song is gay men finding a place to hook up. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Yet we all shouted YMCA and “where you can hang out with all the boys!” as loud as we could.

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I’m not a fan of the constant over exaggerated facial expressions of Degryse. I mean, I’m all for not looking like Gina Gogean the whole way through but this was ridiculous. It was more animated than Van Gerner at Euros.

Loved this one:



that is gorgeous


I had wondered. There were way too many mishaps on vault, more than I felt I could attribute solely to a rough competition for everyone.

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Sara Yamaguchi reminds me so much of Kyla Ross! Lovely technique, super clean work and nice amplitude, especially on beam.

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What the fuck is it with dangerous equipment recently? Beam water, slippy pommels, now this.


Is it possible to compensate for a slick vault with sticky grips?

Like doing a chalk/water paste on their hands/tiger paws?

No. That would effect the propolsion off the table

I was thinking those pads you put on phones that keep them from sliding off the dashboard. :wink:

Rough it up with some sandpaper? Pickle juice?

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Have you ever seen a Double Tuck this high that still landed short?! First pass:

And is that supposed to be a gogean at 1:13? Oy

But I like this one, she has good movement. I can only imagine she’s terrified of doing double saltos.


She was fine in the air, kicked out too early, should have waited and it would have been upright.