2023 World Championships & Pan American Games Team Trials (USA)

Whether you’re right or not, she didn’t get a deduction for ‘balking’.

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Zoe Miller is on the highest scoring team regardless of Shilese. She is the 2nd best in the country on that event and adds about .5 over a typical Simone routine, while also having a chance of making event final, the only event final where USA currently lacks a 2nd entry.

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Of course not, that wasn’t what I meant to be implying. Sorry! But she didn’t do the intended combination and suffered a deduction because she doesn’t usually kip from that catch position and her feet hit the mat.

She and Carey both won events tonight without being on most people’s main teams. I don’t think Miller’s UB is worth bringing, IMO, and she had an absolute disaster at Nationals so she’s not a guaranteed hit unlike Carey’s Cheng. But I wouldn’t have either of them on the team, especially after Carey’s DTY.

Carey didn’t win her event today, Josc outscored her on the 2 vault average, that’s what matters for event final.

Zoe missed 1 routine at Nationals but has hit every other routine this season. She’s been consistent for sure. Jade this season definitely doesn’t look like a “guaranteed” hit for EF prospects, and the team doesn’t her Cheng for team final.

You were arguing Miller’s advantage in a TF scenario, so that’s the same as arguing about Carey’s 1-vault score, which was the highest of the competition tonight. I wasn’t talking about event finals. Miller looked great on bars tonight and I would love to see that routine at Worlds but not at the expense of some of the other athletes vying for the team. I also don’t know if I’d even send Carey to Pan Ams.

Jordan Chiles did the same thing to herself here that she did in 2018 and 2019 at the selection camps. You can recognize one of the most talented gymnasts in the room but you can’t invite her to a team unless she hits the routines. I hope this will be as motivating for her as it was the last quad to nail it next year.

For PanAms, I would take:


Not yet sure who the 5th team member would be.

That helps explain her score. If it had just been the other error, I would have expected at least a 14.000.

There was still a lot of questionable scoring elsewhere.

Chiles would be in it if she had hit floor. Adding back a point she’s sandwiched between Wong and Lincoln in the AA (closer to Wong), higher than Jones on floor and solid 14+ on vault and bars. Beam wouldn’t really matter as the TF lineup is set there and she already has experience of competing it twice in TF.

I am torn on Miller. She seems to be the one-eventer who is neither good enough on her one event nor usable literally anywhere else, but change one of these variables and I would give her a chance. She could complement Roberson, but it doesn’t seem to be enough unless she goes 14.7 day 2. She’s probably better suited to Pan Am anyway, where she can win the EF.

Wong is extremely redundant but also usable anywhere. An ideal tablesetter. Lincoln is welcome surprise but I don’t see her as more than alternate: no second vault and bars is a disaster.

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Miller on UB adds more to the team score than Carey’s vault. I was also talking about event final capability and Carey’s second vault today hurt her a lot.

So for the team,

Biles (AA),
Jones (AA),
Blakely (AA),
Roberson (VT/FX) and possibly (BB),
Wong / Miller (UB/BB)

If Miller hits tomorrow, I would prefer Miller’s bars.

Unfortunately, Wong doesn’t have top 3 scores across 4 events. Miller is an uneven bars medal contender.

I wonder when they’ll release the start list for which event(s) each athlete is competing tomorrow.

What events would you pick for each athlete?

If it were up to me:

Miller: UB
Jones: UB, BB
Biles: UB
Lincoln: FX, BB
Carey: FX, BB
Chiles: FX, BB
Roberson: FX
Sumanasekera: BB
DiCello: UB
Wong: BB, UB
Blakely: UB, BB

They probably won’t have many athletes do FX though.

Miller: UB, BB
Jones: UB, BB
Biles: UB, BB
Lincoln: FX, BB
Carey: FX, BB
Chiles: UB, BB
Roberson: FX, BB
Sumanasekera: FX, BB
DiCello: UB, BB
Wong: UB, BB
Blakely: UB, BB

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I’m sooo Glad u said that. We all are thinking it…. Whew!!!

I don’t think like that. Her success this year is well-expected with her hyper-consistency and difficulty. Yes, there are form issues, but other gymnasts don’t hit their routines or don’t have competitive difficulties. While some other gymnasts were fantasized for success with Cheng hypothesis, the one who actually did 5 out of 5 Cheng has been underestimated.


Part of that is the way Roberson’s often look like an injury waiting to happen.


All her landings in competitions are safe and secure. The worst Cheng she did was in a podium training when she had a migraine which affected her vision.

I hadn’t heard about the migraine. There seems to he a spate of them at the moment.