2023 Winter Cup

Roster is up. Parker back at Cincinnati?

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I really hope not

what is going on with Shilese?

Also no Madray Johnson?

If Parker is back at CGA, that happened in the last week or so. She was still with WOGA when she got her score for Winter Cup 2 weeks ago.

I would assume Shilese is pacing herself. She competed a lot in 2022, so it makes sense to take some down time and focus on being peaked for Worlds. She doesn’t need to go out and prove herself at Winter Cup and spring internationals.

Madray Johnson, interesting choice not to be at Winter Cup. As a new senior, she would be someone I would want to get out in front on international judges at either DTB or Jesolo. Maybe she’s hurt. Valeri’s other seniors are competing, so…

I’m really interested to see how the new seniors are looking, and how the various gym changes are going.


I’m assuming Ella Kate Parker being listed under CGA is a mistake stemming from her USAG Bio never being updated. She has WOGA listed on both of her instagrams.

Does CGA even have a team? I thought Mary Lee Tracy was retiring.

That seems likely, since she has not been on the national team since being at WOGA

USAG says she’s registered under CGA: https://twitter.com/USAGym/status/1625007116061745152?cxt=HHwWgIC95ZjXl40tAAAA


CGA is a step backward for her IMO. But maybe she found WOGA didn’t suit her.


Reddit are saying that the move to WOGA was family circumstances meaning she had to return to Texas and it was never permanent

The move to WOGA has basically been a disaster for her. She went from winning Winter Cup two years in a row to finishing dead last at nationals in 2022 and barely qualifying to Winter Cup this year. Even accounting for the fact that she arrived at WOGA with stress fractures in both arms, there’s only been regression in her gymnastics.

Somehow I doubt CGA is the answer, but it was obvious that she was never going to go anywhere with WOGA.

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She should try to stay healthy for NCAA. Somehow.

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I wonder why. I mean, transferring to woga is not for everyone and it isn’t a magic wand treatment for poor technique and lack of basics. But why did it go so wrong? Maybe it didn’t suit her being part of a whole team of elites

Hasn’t she been at WOGA for only about a year? When you come in with broken arms and a record of competing skills that are too hard for you, I can imagine the rebuilding process would be long.


If you’re going to Winter Cup, or thinking about going, all-session ticket holders (Winter Cup, Nastia Cup, Elite Team Challenge) will be able to attend WAG podium training on the 24th.

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I’m most excited about seeing Kaliya Lincoln! We haven’t seen her since ‘21 jr nationals where she won floor. I was sure we wouldn’t see her again until NCAA if at all.


Amyone gonna be watching the Nastia Cup? Streaming on USAG YouTube channel.

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Oh wow…no TV coverage for NLC?