2023 Week 8 (Feb. 20-26)

Huge upset last night.
ASU knocked off Utah 197.550-197.500, for their first win over the Utes in 20 years.

Crazy scoring though, with lots of impossible scores given out to both ASU and Utah.
Utah had some shaky bar ldismount landings and stumbled on vault to go below 49.
Jaedyn Rucker fell on her 1.5 so they counted the fulls from Gilstrap and Sage Thompson. Lots of short landings.

So that ultimately cost the meet. Neither team should have gotten above a 197 though, so that is problematic.
ASU did have their best performance of the season though. It is almost like the judges felt bad that ASU dropped out of the top 20 now that NQS has kicked in…now that 197.55 has bumped them back up to 20th and in contention for a seeded placement (16)

At least both teams benefitted from loose scoring.

It has been fun this season to see some of the lower ranked teams able to knock off higher ranked opponents.
MSU beating Michigan, Arkansas beating LSU, ASU beating Utah, Missouri beating Auburn, etc

Utah looked awful on vault, but geez was that scoring completely fucking crazy-town. it’s hard to take NCAA seriously when the scoring is so ridiculous.

They were overscored a bit (everyone was, on every event) but Utah on beam is really something. Just a really great beam team.

They absolutely are, and they have natural beam workers, but Dockendorf is really a phenomenal beam coach, and similar to Janelle McDonald being the best assistant coach in the country last year and best bars coach, I would argue Dockendorf has assumed that title and with beam.

It was smart of Utah to make her associate head coach because she won’t go anywhere else for salary, unless it was to become a head coach, but it would have to be a stand out program and I don’t see anyone retiring for a few years. Though Chaplin and Plocki could be retiring soon.

Friday Night
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49.8 for Florida on bars?

The judges wanted to throw about eleventy bazillion 10s, but no matter how hard they tried, the gymnasts kept making just enough mistakes.


Got the Nastia Cup on one tab and SEC on the other. Kennedy(i?) is too damn chipper. Kayla and Kyra DiCello’s parents are just mean for those names being juuuust close enough to be a tongue twister. Sam said that Kyra was going to Florida…I know she is a junior (juniors are in the all-pink leos, right?) but her vault and bars are not Florida recruiting-worthy. I don’t think top level teams have family legacy byes, do they?

The auto-closed captioning is being really, really mean about Nastia’s name.

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There’s another sister, Karleigh. I think she’s between Kayla and Kyra

Isn’t Kyra too young to commit? I didn’t think she had committed yet.

In other news, Bama home meets continue to be a clown show with the judging.

4 10s given out at LSU vs Alabama. Haven’t seen the meet yet.
But apparently KJ Johnson being out didn’t effect them too much.

Olivia Dunne returned to bars and Bryce Wilson returned to vault so at least those are two recovering from their injuries and Shchennikova was in vault and bars.

Also Utah going 198.550 at home for the top score of the season. Oklahoma then bested it by .025 to go 198.575 LMAO

I ended up getting sick last night and didn’t watch Bama-LSU, but Spencer’s blog made most of the scores sound like crazytown.

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Everywhere was crazytown. Utah and Oklahoma were competing for mayor of crazytown.

Honestly, I don’t see how they make any changes. Fans love getting the 10s and high scores and it is like the judges are ok with giving impossible scores as long as BOTH teams get them.
in the past we would see impossible scores at a Georgia home meet and the opposing team wouldn’t benefit. But now we see both teams getting benefits.

It is overlooked completely because that is what the fans want.
Like program records for Kentucky and Arkansas on vault at Kentucky. Coincidence??

The code of points really isn’t the issue and 10s should be given out for perfect routines. The problem is judges are not applying the deductions and/or overlooking them.

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If we all knew what was overlook-able, that would settle some of us (me) down. Like, if a gymnast has a super amazing routine and then on the landing maaaybe had a foot shuffle or a teeny rebound hop but it isn’t super clear because of how quick it was or mat squishyness or whatever, benefit to the gymnast, give the 10. If a balance check is well covered by choreography to the point where it isn’t really certain that there even was a balance check, benefit to the gymnast, no deduction. But I feel like they kinda need to come out and say that directly so that everyone knows the score.

There is overscoring everywhere, but I still think LSU/Alabama was the worst last night. You can judge for yourselves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUL_y693Tvk

Bama has the 2nd highest FX total this season, but the quality of their floor rotation is like maybe 10-15th best in the country imo.

They’re really lucky they got that 198 at Metroplex so they can take advantage of the homecooking and secure a #2 seed. I’m sure they’ll peak come postseason, but atm I would be content if neither they nor LSU made nationals.

Fingers crossed that one of Cal/MSU/Denver makes it.

ETA: just finished the Towson quad, they have some really loose scoring compared to other EAGL teams

It is unfortunate that Kentucky will be stuck in the first session because I genuinely believe that they are on level with Auburn as the second best team in the SEC. Bama and LSU are not as good as their number are.
I think both LSU and Alabama better be careful because even if they get a #2 seed they will face serious competition.

It’s probably too late for Missouri to push for the evening session, but they’ve been solid all season, and I think in postseason they’ll compare favorably to LSU/Bama.

I would love to live in Amanda Borden’s lalaland where the judges are stingy.