2023 Week 11 (March 17-19) Conference Championships

They never throw out in 10’s in the first session. I hope Helen Hu’s scores hold up.

NBC should take notes on how to show a lot of routines. Big 10 using a split screen when needed. Getting to see most routines, without the craziness of a 4 screen.


And they are gonna finish this meet in under 2 hours.

Bart and Kathy threw some serious shade about regular season SEC scoring (and, I suppose, NCAA in general).


Cal has beautiful leotards!

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We’ll see if this changes as the night goes on, but Pac 12 session 2 and SEC session 2 are being scored with very different pens.

ETA: Jade Carey got some SEC judging. Because that was not a 9.975 beam routine.


Jordan Chiles fell on beam in a big meet. This is my shocked face.

the fact that jade has gone 10 on beam and helen hu hasn’t says everything about ncaa judging, regardless of the fact that hu’s dismount post-injury is pretty anemic.

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What is with this board’s Helen Hu obsession.


They also update the score while showing other stuff instead of following the gymnast around as she drinks water and changes tape…

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Looking for Pac 12 both sessions
GEC both sessions

the rest are all in the first post

PAC 12 got taken down

It’s going to be replayed several times this week on PAC-12 International at least.

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Is it possible to view outside of the US?

Yes, in fact, its restricted to viewers outside of the US. Possibly the one situation in which access is easier for non-Americans!

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