2023 Week 11 (March 17-19) Conference Championships


Session 1

Session 2

Big Ten
Session 1

Session 2

Pac 12
Session 1

Session 2

session 1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccmYSssbZCY&ab_channel=UNHAthleticsSession 2
Big 12


Session 1

Session 2


Anyone know the rotation schedule for session 2 of big 10s? I just want to know what event MSU starts on.

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Big 10 session 1 starting, was seeding based on nqs or win/loss record? I’m kinda surprised Iowa is in the night session over Illinois/Minnesota.

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I really wish they could have included Minnesota in the evening session.

Afternoon vs. night seeding is determined on how teams finished at Big Fives. Top two from each Big Five meet earn their spot for the evening session.

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Nebraska was 2nd in their session but is competing this afternoon, OSU is in the night session despite finishing behind Nebraska. what gives?

Sorry, they changed it. Night session is based on conference standings.

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Rutgers leo today…very new jersey

Maryland’s leo doesn’t have the Maryland flag or a crab on it. Therefore, that is not actually a Maryland leo.

minnesota on pace to demolish their season high on beam

What will happen to Big 12 when OU leaves? Hard to have much of a championship with 3 teams.


denver used to be in the mountain rim, maybe they’ll go back there? idk about wvu and isu

BYU is moving to Big 12, so they’ll still have 4.


i imagine boise/usu/suu would move to the mountain pacific conference then?

i don’t really see the top 25 ranking for maryland this season, definitely not a stronger team than illinois/iowa

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Maryland laid an egg today.

EAGL session one was an absolute dumpster fire.

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Still no Suni for Auburn.

At least in session 1 they weren’t handing out the 10s like candy (though I personally had hoped that Helen Hu would get a 10 at some point in her career).

I only caught the last bit of the last rotation but whew, looks like Misouri had a terrible vault rotation. They would have won easily if it weren’t for that.