2023 USA Nationals Leotards

Lacie Saltzmann

Ly Bui

Reese Esponda

Simone Rose

Tatum Drusch

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Ally Damelio reminds me of a young Kathy Johnson/ Anna Kovaleva

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Tyler Turner


Zoey Molomo

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I kinda like that TCT one. It’s super busy close up, but the overall effect is simple without being boring.

I think I liked Ella Kate Parker’s best. The red and black are just working for me.

With tv color changes Jade looks burnt orange.

I thought so too. It’s her style, the carriage, and the dance extension as much as the appearance, even

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Final set of leos, Senior Night 2:

Addison Fatta

Alicia Zhou

Charlotte Booth


Jade Carey

Kayla Dicello

Kelise Woolford

Leanne Wong

Michelle Pineda

Myli Lew

Nola Mathews

Shilese Jones

Suni Lee


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Leanne’s is beautiful. Did not notice that on the broadcast. Kayla’s color is great but i don’t like that darker bit down the middle of the torso (it is in the back too). It looked like a wet spot.


Yes, Kayla’s would have been lovely without the weird waistband and strange shading.

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Ivana Hong looks great.


I feel like all the greens, San Mateo, and Leanne Wong had the best leos of the weekend. I liked Simone’s and Shilese’s black leos too.

Least favorite was WOGA’s black / neon / blinding amount of crystals


Jordan’s day 2 Leo was better than day 1 but the raised braided straps were very odd.

Damn. Bavarian Bondage.

I do not understand how that leo says “USA” at all. It’s just… odd.

I love it. It flatters her.