2023 US Classic Session 2 (Senior Women disussion)

There are over 200 posts in the Senior Women thread so here’s one for tonight.

EDIT: Photo added


Thank You. It was getting overwhelming

I have no idea how I’m supposed to kill 2 1/2 more hours before I can go back in.

I’m going to IKEA. It’s only 20 mins away!

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I have to drive, so no.

Is there a link to watch online somewhere?

Just go to USAG’s YouTube, you’ll see it!

YT isn’t showing a link that I can find.

muchas gracias!!

International stream: 2023 Core Hydration Classic - Senior Women - Session 2 - YouTube

Did you use a VPN while searching?

Nope, just clicked the link from the Classic broadcast info page

I know I’ve had to when finding the PAC-12 Network international stream.

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Sometimes YT won’t even show you lists of things you aren’t authorized to see.

If you don’t use a vpn whilst searching, it won’t show

Im in Canada and i has no issue :woman_shrugging:

ETA: besides grammar, apparently

Start Lists: https://static.usagym.org/PDFs/Results/2023/w_23classic_startsr2.pdf

Watch on Peacock at 7 Central.

I used a free vpn set to London and had no issues first session.

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