2023 US Classic Session 1 (Senior Women discussion)

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When does the competition begin?

  • Senior Women Session 1 – 1:00-3:00 p.m.
  • Senior Women Session 2 – 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Central Time

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Session 1: 1:00-3:00 pm CST
Session 2: 7:00-9:00 pm CST

Peacock and CNBC will air live
Session 1 2:00 pm EST
Session 2 8:00 pm EST

USAG had an International feed on their YouTube page.

It’s 2pm EDT, I fell for this last night when I thought the juniors were starting at 7 but it was 8. USAG snuck (Times are Central) at the top of the schedule lol.

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Jade was interviewed during podium training and said she will only do UB and bb at ncaa competitions. She also said that she doesn’t think she will ever compete the triple double again, she finds it’s too hard and a bit scary

An hour to go for session 1. I hope they show us Melanie. We’ll be if Roberson survives her vaults, because she did not look good in podium training. I hope Nola Matthews has a great meet because she does beautiful gymnastics and it’s been wonderful to watch her success this year after last year’s growth spurt derailed her first senior season. And maybe someone will surprise us.

I did the same last night and today. I thought I was all slick getting in my salon appointment and grocery run and being back home in time.

Al Fong is on the floor and the GAGE Leo is an affront to all that is good and decent in this world.


As is Al himself.


It honestly pisses me off he’s been allowed to continue to coach for the past 30 years and it just goes to show that USAG will never fundamentally change.


Is it really Al or is it the other bald guy with gloves who also works at GAGE? Because it was the other guy last night with the juniors, Al wasn’t there.

This is the guy from last night, Alex:

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CNBC is showing “Silver Rare 1800s Coins” right now, then in 20 minutes it will be women’s gymnastics.

What a demographic leap.


I’m fairly certain it’s Al. The Leo might have blinded me, however.

I got a better look after Falcon posted. He looked like Al but it wasn’t Al. A different bald guy and Falcon knew him.

Who is ready to see the top European gymnast? :star_struck: I saw her on the Tour, she exudes such style… her presence is kind of unmatched

Keep the leo reports coming!

So the GAGE seniors are wearing a different leo from last night’s juniors? I didn’t love the junior leo but there was no fake flesh and no weird cut outs or anything. For GAGE, it was actually quite bland.

Pictures of the Start Lists for the first session since the .pdfs on the Classics site aren’t working for some reason.

My husband insisted we go out for lunch at 11:30 and when I asked him we were going to early, he was very sweet and said “so you’re home for gymnastics at 1!” He missed that whole Central time thing.


Live blog in case you aren’t near a TV

Spencer: US Classic – Session 1 Live Blog