2023 US Classic (Pre Meet and WAG Juniors Discussion)


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It’s not much different to paying a personal trainer. You are paying them for their knowledge and expertise. If you don’t want to take it, there’s no point in employing them

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It was my understanding that they let Simone get creative with her skills, especially since she had really attained all the goals she already had made, but worked with her to get her to execute them safely. Many of her skills appeared “overpowered” but iirc that’s a tactic to prevent short landings and save her ankles long term. I could be wrong.

Suni Lee article with quotes from after podium training.

Yeah but generally the client doesn’t also own the gym where the trainer trains other clients. I imagine if they had a big falling out over the direction of her gymnastics, it would be pretty uncomfortable for him and his wife to remain at WCC. I don’t think anything like that would happen, it is just that what some people want for her gymnastics (to be as controlled and precise as they were in 2016) might not be what she wants for them and her coach can’t exactly put her in time out like they might a child. And threatening to drop her as a client isn’t as much of a threat as it would be to someone whose family didn’t own a world class gym and have lots of money and was relying on the coach to get them to the top level.

Junior US Classic starting NOW:

Live scores with D/E breakdowns: MyUSAGym

Live scores AA: MyUSAGym

I am really annoyed that it is still so dark in the arena. I was hoping they were just trying to be energy conscious during training and not turning on every single light.

Nope, still looks like a dimly lit alley.

I cranked up the brightness on my laptop screen this morning to watch podium training. Gonna have to figure out how to do that on my TV.

Did they just say Amanda Stroud on UB? lol

Yep, lots of elites from 2000-2012 are now elite judges!

Lauren Hopkins is doing quickhits from the arena. 2023 U.S. Classic | Junior Women Live Blog | The Gymternet

Rock & roll… here we go!

Oh I didn’t realize they were announcing judges lol, I thought there was a new junior with the same exact name. I was like what are the odds?

A gymnast with the last name Turner is very funny to me (and not just because that’s my own surname).


The junior score for nationals is a 49.50, which is a 12.375. Something to keep an eye on.


I did that to my tv. it’s garish but visible.

Core Burke is itty bitty.

Kieryn Finnell 13.4 on bars.

Izzy Stassi 13.05 beam.

Stroud actually holds brevet ratings in both MAG (Cat III) and WAG (Cat IV).

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