2023 US Classic (MAG discussion)

  • Junior & Senior Men’s Session 1 – 10:45 a.m.-1:30 p.m. CST
  • Senior Men’s Session 2 – 4:45-7:30 p.m. CST

EDIT: Photo added

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Thanks for splitting things up :+1:

When I woke up I saw 200 posts in the first thread, so I figured senior WAG and MAG would be better off with separate threads to make it manageable to read.


Men Session 1
11:45 am - 2:30 pm EDT
Stream: USA Gymnastics YouTube
Start List: m_23classic_startm1.pdf
Live Scores: Juniors AA - Seniors AA
Scores broken down by Rotation with D/E: MyUSAGym

Men Session 2
6:45 pm - 9:30 pm EDT
Stream: USA Gymnastics YouTube
Start List: m_23classic_startm2.pdf
Live scores: Seniors
Scores broken down by Rotation with D/E: MyUSAGym

First session is mixed Juniors and Seniors. Second session is Seniors only. There’s still a lot of big names in the first session, they didn’t seed it like WAG did. Actually looking through it most of the big names are in the first session because Stanford and Donnell Whittenburg are there. Cameron Bock and Oklahoma are in session 2.

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Asher Hong is who i’ve been wanting to watch.

We haven’t seen Paul Juda in a while because of injury. He’s in the first session too.

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Paul Juda is key. The US is weak on HB and he was really good at that. How he does will have an impact on the Worlds picture.

The other event we need a lot of help on is rings - so this could be Whittenburgs ticket. He will also have to show he can consistently hit vault. The US needs high scoring vaults but after what happened in Liverpool with him getting a zero in qualifications and not even being able to do it in TF is something he will have overcome.

Riley Loos also has the needed combination of a 5.6 vault and good SR.

Curran Phillips - watch his PB and HB. If he can hit HB he’s got a good shot at Worlds.

Yul is in the first session - He’s been working on HB upgrades.

Another guy to keep an eye on is Khoi Young. When he’s healthy hes one of the top All around guys.

Looks like Asher Hongs brother is in here, too - Xander Hong.

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I’m by high bar. This isn’t going to be nerve-wracking at all.

I forgot they were doing bye rotations. I just looked at rotation 1 and completely missed that Yul was here lol

Oh right no commentators for this, so no scores either. I added the live score links to the post above.

These two for this session right now: Juniors AA - Seniors AA

Broken into D and E scores by rotation here: MyUSAGym

Paul Jurda’s vault was good. Wasn’t expecting a YDP right off the bat.

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Donnell’s pommel horse routine was a disaster.

I don’t remember him. Is he going to make a splash?

Yul started out nerve-y on parallel bars, but I thought he finished strong.

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Yul hit PB, but rather sizable adjustment after one of the pirouettes and not his best overall execution.

14.955 with 6.6D and 0.405 bonus.

Curran Phillips had a pretty Shewfelt, 9.55E

Asher Hong’s floor raised to 14.749. A little out of control with landings and one OOB, but I love his rise on the backward twisting passes.


Juda’s Yurchenko double pike:


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Khoi Young is doing great. Lots of sticks on floor and 8.9E. Pommel scored 14.7+ but I missed it


Juda 13.95 PB with 9.55E! Form was extremeiy clean with a textbook, pencil straight landing.

Asher fell off PH, fine after he remounted.


He’s a junior. I don’t know much about him.

Yul fell off high bar.

Tried my best to catch Wiskus PB/Juda HB double header.

Shane slightly overbalanced handstand and almost missed his right arm on a release but ended up not even being an issue. Clean overall, small hop on double front. 8.75E

Juda had clean kovacs and multiple tkachev releases to a hop forward on FTDLO. 8.6E