2023 South East Asian (SEA) Games (May 8-9, Cambodia) MAG only

Unsure why WAG was not in the plans, perhaps because there is no Cambodia women’s gymnastics program.

Also, this is a modified program. Men can enter and compete on a maximum of 4 apparatus.
Team and All Around medals will be decided on the the total team score of men competing max 4 events and the all around will also be decided with 4 scores contributing to their final score.

Carlos Yulo is expected to dominate for the men and should be on FX, VT, PB, HB.
However, he is protecting an ankle injury so we shall see how that turns out.

the whole set up is absolutely ridiculous.

I still don’t understand why no WAG.

There was a highly successful competition in 2021 with the women’s side.

This is how the SEA Games work apparently. They’ve also dropped rhythmic, but kept aerobic. These would be expensive events to host which the Cambodian public probably have little interest in and Cambodia wouldn’t win any medals in (or probably even participate).

Host countries are routinely accused of tilting things in their favour by adding and removing sports (Gymnastics wasn’t part of the 2013 Games at all) or events - in 2017 Malaysia apparently tried to drop the Marathon and some other athletics events they weren’t competitive in. Cambodia have apparently limited the number of athletes per country in some events but with an exception for the host country.

There are also reports about limiting any individual gymnast to a maximum of two medals, no idea if that has made it into the final plan.

“I and the other countries pleaded with the Cambodian hosts, to the extent that we were willing to supply them with equipment just to stage the women’s artistic gymnastics events. Our appeal fell on deaf ears.” - Cynthia Carrion, president of the Filipino gym fed.

The above article confirms it, but it’s unclear to me because this article claims that the athlete will still receive the medal, it just won’t count towards the medal tally.