2023 Russian Championships

Arguably she’s the first gymnast to do a full in in wolf position. Definitely should be deducted to the max, we don’t want anyone else thinking it’s a good idea.




I took 5.

3 for leg sep, 1 for knees and …?

Disrespecting the gymnastics community.

Just kidding.

Sadly there’s no .5 deduction for leg separation, but this is so egregious that I’d have taken 5 and then let Donatella Sacchi question me. And when she did, I would say “Oh, I wrote 5, but I meant .3 leg separation, .1 body alignment, and .1 precision because the element doesn’t have clear phasing.”


.1 precision is useful in this case but so abuseable. Oh, your arms weren’t in the perfect position, .1. Oh, you over rotated that spin, .1. Oh, your toenails weren’t painted the right color, .1.

(Random ot, does Jordan compete with the long nails on? Cuz props to her managing to not catch them on anything. The finger i nearly sawed off doesn’t bend as well as the others and seems to catch on every damn thing.)