2023 Paris world cup

it also effects artistry.

yeah, but what artistry deductions are you taking?

Where there’s a dead space and the music changes is where I think the routine sinks a little.

I would take .2 for both rhythm and tempo deductions on both her hesitations

The rhythm/tempo deduction is one that you can take for the routine as a whole, not for individual moments

I actually agree about barbosa’s music, which brings up a point: its that something that’s deductible somehow in itself? That feels very subjective/ unfair to the athlete. But it does play a role


So if you’re deducting .6 total, you saw 5 pauses and then an additional -0.1 for rhythm/tempo?

No. Sorry, I mean both hesitations would incur .1 plus the two artistry deductions. They were both .3 at the very minimum. However, the artistry deduction would just come off once at the end, not for both hesitations. So for the two obvious hesitations it was .1 off each plus .2 artistry. So .4 at the just from the two hesitations that were obvious. There was also one during the mount that should be another deduction. Without the hesitations that could have been an 8.4/8.5 E score because it was very well executed.

While I don’t believe any existing deduction would apply specifically to music, it could certainly impact a number of other areas of artistry.