2023 Paris world cup



The utter floatiness.


Lovely work. Her winning UB tomorrow would be such a :fu:to the French federation.

On that topic - I need to go read about the situation that led to her switch again. I’ve read/heard three different reasons in the last couple of hours and I’m confused

more vids here!

Kaliya has to be a favorite for gold at worlds.


Absolutely. IIRC, her D-score has over a point just in connections and everything is just so beautifully done. Here’s to hoping that all the leading UB workers are healthy next year because I’ve never been so excited for a UB final.

At the very top of my wishlist for Antwerp is France not qualifying a a team to Paris because they fucked Kaylia over so badly.



As I said in a different thread, if she wins UB next year, it’ll be 20 years after Emile LePennec won UB in Athens and there would be a level of “fuck you” to France that she’ll do it under a different country’s flag.

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Is there anyone eligible and healthy within striking distance? Her D score has to be 5/6 tenths over the top athletes.

She’s doing the Nabieva out of an in bar! Insane.

Do we think they’ll give her 9+ e score?

She’s doing a double straight immediately from the in-bar 360°! <3

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This whole routine is absurd. And it looks so easy for her

Not so good in QC. She made the exercise in the one touch (layout DMT) but it was all quite wild. In the event she was off from the start - had to kip after the Nemour before Pak and had a huge break on Stalder 360° and ended jumping off. 13,600 but lower D-score and only in the 6,0’s for E - but…she qualified to AF so chance for revenge. And less than 1,0 behind Andrade in 1° place (14,55).

I’m sure she felt such immense pressure on herself.


She’s didn’t have her coach with her


How pathetic on the side of FFGym. To inflict emotional stress on a young athlete is such a breech of ethics in the realm of Safesport. If thee are gym-Gods, FRA will implode in Antwerp and not make a team!

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I don’t see how wishing for the meltdowns of innocent women is the appropriate response to what some people who won’t even be on the competition floor are doing.


So a)she’s fantastic and b)now she severely underperformed, which by gymnerd laws means we must all unconditionally love her forever


Link for scores?