2023 Pan Am Gymnastics Championship (Worlds Qualifier) May 26-28

US team announced. Good to see Madray fit enough to be named alternate

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That’s a really strong US B-team with strengths on every event for EF wins. Lots of WCC talent there too.

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Matthews with a 14.05 on UB! If she can replicate this on the world stage(along with a mid 13 on BB) she could be in good position for a worlds/Olympic spot to balance the vt/fx strengths of Carey.


Jordan Chiles scored 14.1 in Worlds TF. Many members of the national team can score around 14.05 on UB. But also, good for Nola! I think she’s great.

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Interested in seeing if Tiana has gotten better on UB

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I get the argument for Roberson, but feels a little like they’re grinding her right the ground with all these assignments.

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Results are on this page: https://usagym.org/womens-senior-team-named-for-2023-pan-american-championships/

Matthews won AA. Tiana managed a 12.9 on bars and 3rd AA.

They went Roberson plus AA order from camp. Defensible, because no one else made a compelling case that they should be taken as a specialist.

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So likely
Fatta, Matthews, Roberson=AA
Sumanasekera VT/BB/FX
Miller UB

Or you could swap Roberson and Sumansekera.

Very strong team.

Well, like Skinner, maybe they are seeing how resilient she is. I assume if her coaches were worried or wanted more training/retooling time, they would ask for it? I think packing her schedule might handicap her future growth but i am not running this show.

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I’d go Matthews, Fatta, Sumansekera in AA, Miller UB and BB, Roberson VT and FX.

Selection committee boxed themselves in by naming Fatta and Roberson to the team, they’re both going to vault. So someone has to sit, and while it could be Matthews, she won AA. Sumansekera is a stronger vaulter than Miller. So…

But no way can you put Roberson up on bars, and really her beam isn’t great, either.

Matthews and Fatta are doing AA.
Fatta and Roberson have two vaults so they will both do that. I heard Sumanasekera was training a second vault.

The only thing would be who is the 3rd AAer in prelims. Roberson or Sumanasekera. Both are equally bad at bars, which is why Miller is going. You do want Sumanasekera doing beam for sure so it is either Roberson or Miller off that event for her.

VT (Matthews) Roberson, Fatta, Sumanasekera
UB (Roberson/Sumanasekera), Fatta, Matthews, Miller
BB (Miller/Roberson) Fatta, Matthews, Sumanasekera
FX (Fatta), Matthews, Sumanasekera, Roberson

I don’t remember if there are team finals this championships or just the team qualifications in day 1.

Also another potential reason for Roberson being named to the team is that Sumanasekera and Miller are her teammates from WCC.

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From what we’ve seen recently, I’d considered Sumanasekera’s bars more usable for quals. Additionally, Roberson is just coming from an international all around competition and they know how her bars were received. I’d say give Roberson a rest from UB/BB. It would be good to see both how Sumanasekera’s new bars are received and how she manages them in a bigger competition. Similar thoughts on beam–get some international feedback on Miller and see how she hits in an international competition. Roberson’s been competing a lot, so rest her on those events to help manage fatigue and burnout.

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Lynnzee Brown (Denver) just got approved April 28 to compete for Haiti.

She will be attending this meet in hopes to qualify to Worlds.


no andrade, saraiva, or oliveira for brazil

Very Smart!!!

Brazil is automatically qualified to Worlds due to making team finals last year, so it is wise to save their best athletes health for Worlds…priority is qualify a full team to Paris.


I know right! Especially when compared to Italy, Brazil seems to do a great job of injury management/pacing

WELLLLL… the 2019 Worlds would argue that, but maybe they learned their lesson.

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USA MAG selection camp for Pan Ams (and University Games) is being streamed live on instagram right now by USAG: https://www.instagram.com/usagym/live/

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Let’s not jinx it.

I was trapped in my basement laying flooring (my back will never forgive me). How did they look? Was it a big competition or did they only invite a small number of athletes?