2023 Osijek World Cup

Finals happening this weekend. If you download the Elevien app, there’s footage of every routine from qualifications. Unfortunately it’s not available on desktop. I don’t know if this is through the local organizers only, but it would be really cool if the FIG used this for worlds/continentals.

For example, I got to watch the routines of Mane Poghosyan from Armenia, who I’d likely never find footage of otherwise.

On that note, I just looked at the FIG database and Houry Gebeshian is still listed as active. She last competed in 2016 afaik, shouldn’t it have expired by now? She re-retired after Rio.


I must have missed that the Penev brothers switched to Bulgaria. Nice to see them continue.

They did end of last year IIRC. They both competed at Europeans.

Georgia Godwin won beam and floor today.

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Godwin is the dark horse for AA medal this year, and she certainly has the ability to secure Australia an Olympics spot and a team final.

She is now in the 55+ AA category:

VT: 14 (DTY)
UB: 13.8 (14+ once she adds Bhardwaj)
BB: 13.9 (5.9D)
FX: 13.5 (5.8D)

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I can’t believe her execution is just an 8. Her beam is so fluent and has a great rhythm. Perhaps because of the switch leap mount?

Godwin doesn’t have a DTY, and I can’t recall her doing a yurchenko vault in the past 5 years. She’s currently doing a FHS layout full and a Tsuk 1.5.

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Oh yes you are right! Her 5.0 vault scores as well as a good DTY.

Good potential, just needs to be able to hit her highest scores all on the same day