2023 NCAA Nationals (April 13 &15)

Thursday, April 13

Semi Final 1


Semi Final 2

Saturday, April 15 4 pm EST ABC
Four on the Floor National Final
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Florida ending on vault is going to be hard on the ol’ nervous system.


Especially if they are without Thomas. Then they are with 2 yurchenko fulls, unless they want to risk Nguyen’s 1 1/2.
2 fulls might be enough to sneak out of semi finals, though they will give up ground to the other three teams. The fulls aren’t horrible from Clark and Edwards but they aren’t KJ Johnson or Chae Cambell fulls.

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None of those three scenarios (Thomas in, Thomas out but Nguyen in, or two FTYs) are particularly comforting. :laughing: Nguyen doing her 1.5 might end up being the best option; I’ve heard she’s been warming it up well.


The word coming out of practice from my sources is Nguyen has the best 1.5 of the team. The word is also that Savs is practicing/competition ready. Of course practice and competition are two different things as we have already seen with Nguyen.


I was there. Nguyen’s looked solid in warmups both days, much cleaner than DiCello’s and Richards’, though she was getting spotted on the landing. You’d have never known she had that scary vault a month earlier.

Sav was warming up bars, prior to Thomas’ injury, so I suppose they were planning to replace Blakely with her as you wouldn’t want to bump anyone else out of that lineup. I hope she can go in place of Richards.

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I wish they had Nguyen compete her 1.5 more than once this season. She would have had more confidence competing it at a home meet to start out with IMO.

I think Blake meant on bars, not vault. Richards is not leaving the vault line up.

Oh, sorry. I don’t know why I read that wrong and missed that it was bars. I’ll edit.


I really hope Trinity is able to compete. I want her to end her career on a high note. She’s had some tough breaks during her collegiate career (Florida not making Nationals her freshman year, injury during her Junior year) that it is kind of amazing she’s near the 10.0 record.

It looks like Grace McCallum will be back on UB for Utah.


I am not thrilled that UCLA starts on beam.

Please don’t let that muck up their meet.

And while I’m at it, gym gods, is it too much to ask for anyone but OU to win?

Florida hasn’t won a title post-Rhonda.

Utah hasn’t won a title in 28 years.

UCLA has won only under Val.

And LSU, DU, UK, and CAL have never won.

OU has the only head coach at Nationals to ever win (6 times). Please don’t make the conclusion predictable.


Subject to change, today’s line ups. No Trinity for Florida.

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Thanks for posting this. Hopefully, Trinity can do UB if they make finals. That’s not a sure thing. Honestly, I think any of the 2 teams in the first semifinal can advance depending on their performance. It seems like a toss-up.

So Grace is in on UB, which is a potential boost for Utah’s UB score. She was doing beam yesterday too.

When is the deadline for lineups? Nothing against UF since the rules allowed it and I really wanted to potentially see Trinity compete one more time, but I think it’s a bit unsportsmanlike to be able to sub in athletes after the rotation starts. like, barring an injury prior to the rotation beginning, you should have to compete the lineup you submitted and live with the consequences, ie Nguyen potentially falling.

You can change the line up/ order right before the rotation starts.

Once the rotation starts you can swap a gymnast out but cannot swap the order.


Thomas is in the vault and bar line up for Florida now!

Blakely fell on her Maloney…Florida hoping to drop that

Thomas ROCKS her bars…a bit of form here and there. But nailed it.

9.950…that was needed.