2023 NCAA Men Week 1

Season is here! So excited for it to start. Here is the lineup for this weekend:

Saturday, January 7 (est)
1:00 pm Greenville, Simpson @ Michigan
4:00 pm Army @ Penn State

Both meets are on B10+.


It has been so cool to see the first 2 new programs added to NCAA MAG compete!

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Greenville got a decent score.

They have a lot of talent on their team! It will be exciting to see how they progress over the year!

There are definitely high caliber/talented athletes that don’t get to go to one of the division 1 schools.
It is nice that two new programs launched in what is otherwise a dying sport.

Hoping that one day some of the D1 programs will come back like Iowa, Minnesota, UCLA, New Mexico, Arizona State etc.

But more likely, if NCAA MAG expands further then I assume it will be to division 2 or 3 schools, as it is a niche sport.

If you look at Tumbling and Acro teams (currently not officially NCAA but close), there are 48 teams total, but only 6 are division 1 (Baylor, Quinnipiac, Iona, Oregon, Duquense, Presbyterian ) with 33 in division 2, and 9 in division 3. But every year THE NCATA continues to grow with 1-3 new universities or colleges adding the sport.

It’s easier to add non revenue sports at Dlll because
Many don’t have football
It’s less expensive because no scholarships
and - (I think the biggest factor) - these schools are looking for ways to make themselves stand out in a way D1 schools don’t need to. Many are looking for ways to attract students.
It’s a plus for them to have a sport other schools don’t have. Someone may choose Greenville over some other small liberal arts college because they want to compete in college gymnastics.


Plus, if you look at the academic averages of student athletes, a majority of the gymnasts excel academically, and have good GPAs, so it benefits a university to have a gymnastics team due to historically obtaining high GPAs.
Again, another advantage point for a D 3 school.