2023 European Gymnastics Championship, April 11-16 Antalya, Turkey

from Arnold Rimmer:Qualifications, which will include the team rankings portion of the event, will apparently be streamed here.

Finals here


In the UK, BBC are showing finals.


No team event?

There is a team qualifications…this is the draw.
They must have started using a random lot draw, as in the past European subdivision draw was based on the previous Europeans team finish.

No team finals though, TQ will act as team finals and also qualification to Worlds.

ETA- the year before the Olympics was an individual AA and EF competition only, they had to add a team portion for Worlds qualification, so TQ will act as the team portion.


There was an update to the nominative registrations last week. GB teams are now correct. Harry Hepworth is listed as the individual gymnast for MAG. The most notable other change is that Italy have replaced Martina Maggio with Asia D’Amato. They haven’t announced their team yet, but there must be a reason why they’ve made the change.


I think Asia was doing a couple of domestic competitions wasn’t she? Maybe they initially left out of the provisional lineup because of the injury but they changed it because they now expect her to compete.

Derwael is injured and will not compete at euros

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So sad but she seems pretty optimistic about worlds and Olympics


Sanne Wevers is back for the Netherlands.

Team: Naomi Visser, Tisha Volleman, Sanna Veerman, Eythora Thorsdottir, Sanne Wevers.

Men: Casimir Schmidt, Loran de Munck, Yazz Ramsahai, Jermain GrĂĽnberg, Luuk Huernink, Nico van den Boogaard

Also Germany WAG: Elisabeth Seitz, Sarah Voss, Emma Malewski, Anna-Lena König, Lea Quaas.

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Nominative registrations as of today. Must be very close to final now. German and Dutch teams updated as above. Nina Derwael is replaced in the Belgian team by the fantastically named Aberdeen O’Driscoll. Spain’s men will compete without the injured Joel Plata and Nicolau Mir; a quick search doesn’t bring up any information on Roxana Popa, who is also out after her non appearance at Jesolo.

There was also an update last week in which Ibrahim Colak was removed for Turkey.

Vasiliki Millousi?!?!?!?!??!?!!! She’s 38!


I just hope she doesn’t overload the difficulty. Beam, these days, is about doing a few skills well, dancing a lot, and getting off the beam soon.

She looks amazing on her ista. Very fit and training well.

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And Chusovitina is 47!


If she can get into her previous competition shape, she could make Worlds and/or Olympics for Greece. The program is not very strong.

Fascinating that Greece made Atlanta as a full team and then they suddenly dropped off the planet. Lots of injuries to their young members and retirements from 97-2000 was costly. They didn’t send a full team in 1997, then in 1999 they finished 17th.

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Thanks for the tip — I just looked. I totally forgot she was married to Eleftherios Patrounias! They have two daughters now, too. So she got into really good shape after baby #2!

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Cant wait to see this up on beam.

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She’s got a bunch of vids with clips, but that combo wasn’t in any of them yet.

She has a bunch of switch ring videos. I was inclined to hope she would ditch it but it looks better than it used to actually.

She’s also keeping the side aerial, which she fell on in qualifying at the 2016 Olympics after an otherwise strong set that probably would have made finals.

She also seems to be training a roundoff on beam, which she’ll need to do the double tuck dismount. She had used a gainer layout for a while, but that’s not going to cut it anymore.

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Problem for this year’s Worlds though - Greece are almost certainly not going to qualify as a team, so she would have to do the all around to qualify via Euros. She is registered for the World Cup in Cairo, but that gives her just one chance to hit beam to maybe get enough points to qualify.

If she is just getting into competitive shape now it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s aiming for the next quad through to Los Angeles.
Though Cairo World Cup participation is exciting.


She’ll be 40 by Paris, we need some more in the age beginning a with 4 squad.