2023 Dev Nationals

Now that the NCAA champs have beem crowned, its time to watch for the next group! No better place that Dev Nationals. They are being held in Oklahoma City this year, about one month away. Region 5 Insider is good for live streams of their athletes, as well as regular videos. Who is everyone watching for? I am lucky enough to be coaching some athletes at this meet. Always amazing gymnastics.

Level 10 Nationals are in OKC this weekend! All the future NCAA stars and some future elites will be in action. Looking forward to the Lily Pederson(OU) vs Avery Neff(Utah) matchup. Last year Neff won it. Anyone else paying attention?

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Isn’t Kailin Chio in that age group as well? It’s stacked.


Yes she is! Gonna be a good battle for sure

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This is happening right now…

Great battle as projected. Good for Neff!

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OU commit Hannah Scheible had a huge day. Looking forward to Lily Smith today.



Hannah Scheible has the highest AA score of anyone so far.

Senior D was a heck of a battle.


Such a great competition! So many amazing level 10s.


Nationals was a great time… just landed back at home.


Got home yesterday…still not fully functional. After the week in Fl for Easterns and a quick turn around to OKC imma need a few days lol.

Scheible’s 9.95 on beam. Has there ever been a 10 on beam at JO/DP nationals?


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All of her videos are on their gym Instagram

That mount was :heart_hands:

This post includes the 9.975 UB routine from Paityn Walker!