2023 Commits

Any big names commit yet? I think McClain and Blakely are the biggest names in the class of 2023, anybody else stand out?

Sydney Barros is a 2023 girl. We’ll see if WCC can perform the same sort of magic on her they did with Chiles.

Amari Drayton, Addison Fatta, and Zoe Miller are also 2023.


IIRC Fatta, Dratyon, and Miller are uncommitted. Barros verbally committed to UCLA in 2019. Hopefully she’s healthy enough when she gets there.

There are whispers Skye Blakely is going to Florida, but that might just be wishful thinking or playing telephone since Sloane is going there. Unconfirmed. I imagine everybody will be jockeying for her and McClain until the ink dries.


Still waiting on the big names from this class! Haven’t even heard any good rumors, lol.

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Oh, I did hear that Elizabeth Gantner is doing visits and back on the market, so to speak.

Oh, huh. No more Georgia, then?

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She doesn’t have Georgia in her Instagram bio. Not sure if she did before, but not currently.

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In unsurprising news, Skye Blakely has committed to Florida.



Zoe Miller has announced her commitment to LSU. Another big name in c/o 2023.

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Lily Smith to Alabama. Lots of big names have committed recently, which names are still left?

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I’ll be curious to see what LIU can do. I follow a bot (?) on Twitter that tries to track all the NCAA WGYM roster transactions and I thought they lost several.

Yes a few took medical retirements. Also Emma Brown took a Covid year last year and then decided to transfer back to Denver, having never competed a routine for LIU.

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Seems like LSU has a ton of '23 commits, and nothing for OU or Utah yet…

Utah has Ella Zirbes who committed before the rule change in 2019 (?)

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Ah yes, I forget about those early commits.

Addison Fatta commits to Oklahoma. Interesting because I thought they had only 3 scholarships available. Maybe a retirement or something?

Anybody commit to Georgia yet ?

José M.

Spencer is updating NLI as they come in on social media.

Amari Drayton has committed to LSU. I’m not exactly surprised, but I thought they had already filled up their scholarships for 2023/24 so it caught me a little off guard. But I assume that McClain will be deferring for the Olympics.

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Whitney Bjerken commits to Bama. Fingers crossed for 4 healthy years of pretty routines.

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