2023 coaching changes and athlete transfer portal

Josh Nilson, HC at temple, is now an associate HC at Illinois.


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Savannah Schoenherr officially to LSU

Jay “I hate the portal” Clark strikes again

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I didn’t see that coming.

Wonder what happened to Kaitlyn Betts, who was assistant at Illinois.

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Also Hilary (Mauro) Steele will serve as interim head coach. Temple will do a national search, but wouldn’t be surprised if Steele gets the position.

Mara Titarsolej is going to Missouri


I had a feeling both Juk and Titarsolej were going to move from LIU and into a Power 5 conference.

I wonder if Syd Morris will stay. They’re quite strong compared to who is left, especially out of the younger years, and from what I remember, they only went to LIU because they hadn’t competed in a while so Randy was the only one recruiting them. I could see them moving to somewhere like Pitt since they should have an extra scholarship from Sidney Washington leaving, and it’s still close to home.

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Or Clemson

Not sure what is up with LIU.
3 year program and mannnny transfers over 3 years, or gymnasts left the team and stopped competing, and lots of assistant coach turn over.

I haven’t listened to it, but Ilka Juk spoke about her reasons on the All About Gymnastics podcast. I think I saw it was mainly due to the gym being quite far from the school, which LIU promised to change a while ago and never did.

Incoming Freshman Paige Anastasi announced at DP nationals she’ll be joining the Bruins this season instead of Minnesota.

Another recruiting loss for Minnesota, this time Aspen Lenczner to Oklahoma: https://www.instagram.com/p/Csgmfb1Ob92/

This is going to present a problem for LIU in the future if they don’t have their own facilities.
Especially when you have various programs investing in gymnastics with new training buildings and competition venues. Rutgers and Pitt are two of the more recent programs to put an investment into gymnastics.

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Natalia Pawlak transfers to Alabama after one season at Pitt. She had a great UB set in warmups at regionals this year.

Of note, the transfer portal has closed. We haven’t heard anything from Thompson yet. She still has utah '25 in her Instagram bio, but Utah removed her highlight bubble from their Instagram.

This is the older sister of Kamila Pawlak, I think? She is a 2025 recruit and should be highly sought after. I wonder if this helps Alabama’s chance at her.

That just means athletes can no longer put their names in to try and transfer. Athletes who entered the portal can continue to work on transferring to another school.


If what I have heard is accurate, an announcement is coming soon, just a few more things needed to be finalized.

Sage to Oregon State