2023 coaching changes and athlete transfer portal

I mean, lack of experience sure, but it was for assistant coach. Hard to get experience without someone hiring you. Shes been coaching for years in club.

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What a shocker that Moceanu made it about herself yet again…

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I feel like her post just makes it so no one will ever hire her for any NCAA job in the future.


Do you select Moceanu who was never an NCAA athlete or had ever coached NCAA before over Josie Angeny who has a multitude of experience as an athlete and at two universities?
Angeny of course.

If Moceanu was so interested in becoming an NCAA coach, why had she not become a volunteer coach? That would give her the experience she needed.


I’m not sure that Moceanu has even coached many athletes who have go on to div 1 ncaa?

Does she think her name is going to get her places still? She’s irrelevant to anyone under 35

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No i dont believe she has coached many NCAA athletes. She does have a few who may be there soon.

She hasn’t coached any NCAA athletes as she has never been an NCAA coach.
Coaching club gymnastics is not the same as coaching NCAA.

Club coaches sometimes get hired (Janelle McDonald) who move their way up the ranks.
But the trend lately is to hire former NCAA gymnasts.

The point is Moceanu went pro early on and never compete as an NCAA athlete, nor was ever a student athlete.
There is more to the job than just having the technical background.

This is why NCAA gymnasts such as Miles-Grieg and Kupets-Carter get hired, and someone like Wieber, who while didn’t compete, student coached and lived the university life. Then you have coaches like McPherson and Johnson who were student athletes and then moved up the coaching ranks.

Many of these coaching positions being hired for are for the former volunteer coach position, which can now be paid as a 4th coach.

If Moceanu was so interested in getting into NCAA coaching, why didn’t she volunteer as a coach at Kent State in the past?

She just constantly plays the victim whenever she doesn’t get what she wants and it comes across as absolute narcissism and entitlement.


I meant has she coached L10s who’ve gone onto div1?

I believe her first level 10 to commit is Nadia Parente who will committed to Bowling Green and is a freshman this year. She has only had 3-4 level 10s and they all came from other gyms as upper level optionals. Her gym didn’t start really competed until 2021 I think.

Pft, dont you KNOW who she is?!

I think she retired when I was 8? :joy:

I think she retired for the FINAL time in 2006/2007 after a lawsuit with USAG or something lol

Lol, “the final time,” sounds about right.

Pardon me, I need to go walk into the sea.