2023 Chinese National Championships


I’m saying that the mixed series will replace the 0.5CR. So all gymnasts will obviously do one. But the originality and virtuosity of the sequence should have a strong impact on the artistry deductions taken as a whole.

Ou looks great (that whip whip triple!). I hope she can keep improving her consistency and be healthy for Paris. Tokyo was such a disappointment. I was thrilled when she made the team (although not surprised based on what I heard about Chinese politics about team selection), but an athlete who is so injured they can’t do a round off shouldn’t have been there.

Junior (next year senior) Tian Zhuofan has some of the slickest beam connections ever


Qiu Qiyuan won the AA, followed by Ou Yushan, Zhang Qingying, Zhang Xinyi, and Wei Xiaoyuan. These five would make a pretty good Worlds team–with an obvious weakness on vault. (Zhang Jin finished eighth with just 12.65 on V. I don’t see her as a value-add to the Worlds team because she’s not really usable on any other event. Her BB and FX are serviceable at best and UB is a non-starter.)

I hate myself for agreeing with you on this but… yeah.

After watching Quals, TF, and AA, I feel it’s not so bad being a China WAG fan–provided I insulate myself in an alternate universe where V doesn’t exist and World/Olympic team medals are never at stake.

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Results from the women’s AA Final, I added in the pinyin for everyone’s names.


Qi Qiyuan - AA Final UB - 6.5/8.25 - 14.75

Wei Xiaoyuan - AA Final UB - 6.2/8.4 - 14.6

Zhang Qingying - AA Final BB - 6.5/7.9 - 14.4

Zhang Xinyi - AA Final BB - 6.1/7.95 - 14.05


Zhang Xinyi - AA Final FX - 5.2/8.0 - 13.20

Qiu Qiyuan - AA Final FX - 5.2/7.85 - 13.05
I know this is just Carol of the Bells but my Russian piano teacher always called this song “the Ukrainian Carol;” that’s what was written on the sheet music she gave me. Probably nothing but it was interesting to me that her coaches/choreographer would choose this song to use this year (she had different music last year.)

Wei Xiaoyuan - AA Final FX - 4.9/7.85 - 12.75


You are so sweet to do that for us.


Qiu Qiyuan won UB today, followed by Huang Zhuofan and Wei Xiaoyuan. I haven’t seen V results yet, but they’re kind of irrelevant anyway, right? LMFAO. Yu Linmin is China’s sole V speicalist right now, and she’s nothing to write home about.

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Yu Linmin won V. Wang Yan (yes, that Wang Yan) took the silver, and Zhang Qingying took the bronze.

Wang Yan probably isn’t in contention for the Worlds or Asian Games teams, but she might be selected for the Universiade (which will be held in Chengdu, Sichuan, PRC later this summer).

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Women’s Vault Final results (just the averages) and video of both vaults from Yu Linmin, Wang Yan, and Zhang Qingying.

Women’s Uneven Bars Final results and video of the top 4 routines: Qiu Qiyuan, Huang Zhuofan, Wei Xiaoyuan, and Du Siyu (finally a video of Du Siyu!)

Qiu Qiyuan won beam today (6.8/8.1), followed by Zhang Qingying and Ou Yushan. Zhou Yaqin won FX. Zhang Qingying took the silver and Shang Chunsong (!) grabbed the bronze.

At this point, I’d say that Qiu Qiyuan, Ou Yushan, and Zhang Qingying are locks for Worlds. Wei Xiaoyuan is a near-lock. The fifth spot might be a toss-up between Zhang Xinyi and Zhou Yaqin. This is pretty much their A-team. They should send a B-team to Asian Games, although I’m sure that nationalistic logic will trump common sense when it actually comes to finalizing the roster.

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Thank you for tagging the athlete names!

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Who are they sending to Universiade do you think? Shang Chunsong and Wang Yan?
University Games are in China, so there is little doubt they are sending a team.

Crazy that for China’s bad luck at Worlds lately, that they have enough depth to field 3 separate teams. University, Asian Games, Asian Championships…then Worlds

I think the A team goes to Asian Games, and the B team goes to Asian Championships…China is already qualified to Worlds.

Qiu qiyuan looks like she could be ub and bb world champion. Which will probably mean she won’t even qualify, going by previous Chinese heartbreaks. Or do we have any reason to give her the benefit of the doubt that she’ll rise to the occasion? It’s really heartbreaking to see these incredibly talented athletes that don’t manage to put it all together on the world stage

The problem is that the Asian Games are being held in China at the exact same time as World Championships. China can’t send their A team to both competitions, but they sure do want to. Can’t not qualify to the Olympics… but also can’t lose to Japan at home. MAG is already qualified to Paris so more likely to send some A-team to Asian Games. No one knows what’s going to be decided for WAG.

2023 Asian Games - Hangzhou, China
Sep 23, 2023 - Oct 8, 2023

2023 World Championships - Antwerp, Belgium
Sep 30, 2023 - Oct 8, 2023

ETA: It at least helps that Japan WAG are in a similar situation of needing to send their best to qualify to Paris. We’ll definitely know who Japan is sending to which meet months in advance, so hopefully that will help with the decision making. If Japan WAG sends a b-team to Asian Games hopefully we’ll see more top China WAG at Worlds.

Wow. It hadn’t even occurred to be that China WAG is not yet qualified for Paris