2023 Chinese National Championships

Happening this week. I’m in a rush and can’t put together a lot of info atm but this twitter account is posting videos: https://twitter.com/lsjricna

and also this instagram posts videos and scores: https://www.instagram.com/china__gymnastics/

Zhang Boheng is 1st AA for the men after prelims.
Qiu Qiyuan is 1st AA for the women in prelims.

There will be a team final, AA finals, and EF finals.


CHN Nationals Qualifications AA

  1. Qiu Qiyuan
  2. Ou Yushan
  3. Zhang Qingying
  4. Wei Xiaoyuan
  5. Zhang Xinyi
  6. Zuo Tong
  7. Yue Yue
  8. Hu Jiafei

CHN Nationals Qualifications for EFs
Current 1st on each event:
VT- Yu Linmin
UB- Qiu Qiyuan
BB- Qiu Qiyuan
FX- Ou Yushan

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Top on floor

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It amazes me how many people are still doing a C dismount at the elite level


The punishment for a minor mistake seems to discourage risk. Also, FX seems to be in a bit of regression. Obviously with Simone out things were going to take a dip, but ignoring the outlier, even the average seems down since '12 or so.

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Floor has been such a disappointment. I came of age in the sport in 1996, but my immediate history was the 1992+ quad (go back and look at the passes Amanar competed in '96 EF and it’s insane think imagine now) and then Sydney, where you had Maloney doing a Chuso + whip-double layout + front to triple full and not make EF. I think landing deductions should be more generous. I’m done seeing “perfect” double fulls and decent double tucks when I tune in for elite meets.


ugh and I already see the reply here being that Maloney missed EF in Sydney because she tried too much difficulty, and yes, Khorkina won a medal with such average tumbling passes, but they were within the rules of the code, just like all these double fulls, blah blah blah. Anyway. I think the sport is a beautiful mess and I’m glad I get to share it with you all.


I hate floor right now. Besides the occasional outlier, I’m tired of seeing floor routines with double tucks just because the deductions make everything else not worth it. I’m not sure what the answers are, but the current code for floor is not it.


Situations like Maloney is why the sport moved to open ended scoring, but doing that routine in 2000 was a poor decision. It was never going to be rewarded.

I do like that in the current code, there at least is an attempt to penalise lack of artistry. But there isn’t sufficient time in the routine for gymnasts to actually show any real artistry. There are some really easy fixes. Allow a controlled lunge on landings and make 3 passes the maximum. Floor should not be a stamina test, I don’t care who can crank round a double pike at the end of a 4 pass routine.

I ended up watching some of 2010 euros the other day as it popped up on my YouTube feed. That’s the best code we’ve had overall I think. It’s been downhill since and I think that Simone’s brilliance has masked that

prelims AA

From china__gymnastics

Ou Yushan - FX Qualifying - 5.6/8.050 - 13.650

Zhang Xinyi - FX Qualifying - 5.2/8.150 - 13.350

Zhang Qingying - FX Qualifying - 5.4/7.80 -.1 - 13.100

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Qiu Qiyuan - BB Qualifying - 6.3/8.250 - 14.550

Tian Zhuofan - BB Qualifying - 6.2/8.1 - 14.300

Ou Yushan - BB Qualifying - 6.0/8.1 - 14.100

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Qiu Qiyuan - UB Qualifying - 6.5/8.250 - 14.750

Wei Xiaoyuan - UB Qualifying - 6.2/8.350 - 14.550

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I would love to see the return of the 3 element mixed sequence, and three element dance sequence, in place of the leap series CR. No one needs to see another Switch Leap run to Gogean attempt.

And make it explicit that the choreography in and out of the sequence, and the execution, virtuosity and originality of the elements and the order of them, are evaluated within both the execution and the artistry framework.

I used to love some of the original sequences in Atlanta. The Chinese used to do these really well too. Some of them were really original and cool, I used to love Shannon’s dive front handspring walkout.

I also think that Wolf Turns have ruined floor. They ruin the flow of the whole routine. Downgrade them. And they need to put Double Tuck and Double Pike into the same box. Those two fixes alone would help floor immensely.

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I have been wanting the 2 3 element series to come back on FX. This would fulfill the leap series and additionally there can be added bonus depending on the difficulty of the elements. Like 3 connected B elements would earn .1/.2 for example.

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I actually don’t want bonus to be given for difficult elements. the point of it would be to show originality and virtuosity. We want something different for each gymnast.

I don’t want gymnasts to find the 3 easiest Bs to string together as a cookie cutter way to get the bonus.

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I do, otherwise if the leap series is out and a mixed series is in, gymnasts are still going to find the best way to get their D score up, so we will see code whoring in a different way.

Ou Yushan - Team Final FX - 5.8/8.200 - 14.000

Ou Yushan - Team Final BB - 6.2/8.100 - 14.300

Wu Ran - Team Final UB - 5.7/8.450 - 14.150

Hu Jiafei - Team Final UB - 6.1/8.200 - 14.300

Qin Xinyi - Team Final BB - 5.5/7.900 - 13.400 (junior with great leaps/jumps)

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Those vault scores are so depressing.