2023 Asian Gymnastics Championships

Thought this deserved its own thread! Aleah Finnegan and Emma Malabuyo on the roster. Also looks like Japan not sending a team? That would mean their chance to qualify a full team to worlds is pretty good, right?


This post contains videos of Kylee Kvamme’s vault and beam from recent level 10 nationals. She has a really good yurchenko 1 1/2.

Does Japan not being there make a difference since they were already qualified?

I mean does Japan not being there give Philippines a better chance to qualify?

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There are two team spots and 8 individuals spots for worlds. I think South Korea, barring an absolute meltdown, will easily qualify. That last spot could go any number of ways.

Japan not being there has no impact on making qualification easier or harder. Japan was already qualified to worlds. Even if Japan went to Asian Champs, there would still be 2 teams spots up for grabs. There are 4 quota spots for Asia; China and Japan already secured 2 of them by finishing top 8 at 2022 worlds.


If Japan aren’t going it makes no difference to Worlds qualification. The team qualifiers will be the top two excluding China and Japan.

South Korea will almost certainly qualify. Taiwan were the 4th team last year, 8 points clear of 5th place. I’m not familiar with the rest of the Philippines team but I suspect they would be very dependent on good scores from Finnegan and Malabuyo to challenge Taiwan. If they score similarly to Finnegan at the SEA Games they will comfortably qualify as individuals but team might be a stretch.

Also, Japan have sent by my count 17 women to five international meets so far this year, but have no interest in the Asian Championships? I think they have a domestic competition next month so maybe that’s why, but still, AGU can’t be happy with that.

It’ll be South Korea, Taiwan, and Philippines battling for the 2 spots to Worlds. Maybe Uzbekistan depending.

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Taiwan averaged 12.890 to qualify last year. Malabuyo and Finnegan should get that if not break 13. As long as they remember to add in elite requirements. Finnegan was missing a requirement on floor last year. It will be exciting to watch. In 5-4-3, hopefully Finnegan and Malabuyo can bank some good scores.

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They don’t have FIG licenses according to the FIG database, but hopefully they can compete in June.

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I believe Emma’s NCAA floor and beam have fulfilled all requirements. I’m not sure whether she has a bars set ready.

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Finnegan competed for PHI last year at the SEA games…was she not FIG licensed

Malabuyo does AA, she did beam and floor for UCLA, but she has a yurchenko full and a bars routine, she just didn’t make either line up this year on a deep team.Emma Malabuyo Bars UCLA vs Washington 2022 9.875 - YouTube

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Kvamme isn’t listed there either.

Maybe FIG is slow to update?

I don’t recall anyone ever spotting Malabuyo’s name on the nationality changes that are published by FIG. You’d think that’s a name that wouldn’t be flying under the radar.

(Or maybe I’m just forgetting).

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She hasn’t changed nationality yet.

I don’t think the SEA games are fig affiliated, so it wouldn’t have been an issue.

She has last year’s bars routine, but I don’t think she’s trained bars for NCAA this year because she had a nagging shoulder issue for most of season

She trained bars, but that also is possible she doesn’t have a full routine ready or the stamina to compete bars. Even if she is limited to beam and floor, those should be scores around 13.0

If her shoulder is better now, she’s had time to build a bars routine so hopefully we see strong routines on all four. Also she’ll need AA to qualify to worlds if the Philippines don’t qualify a team, so even if there are still health concerns I’d be surprised not to see all events

What is going on with North Korea? Have seen them compete since 2020