2023 Asian Gymnastics Championships(Team Philippines)

From my understanding (and I am not a Christian of any denomination), some people believe that they should leave everything in God’s hands. Any kind of medical treatment is a violation of His divine will. Obviously, the results can be tragic. Decades ago, I had a schoolmate whose family subscribed to these ideas. Their five year-old son contracted meningitis and they refused to take him to the hospital because they believed God would cure him, and he died within a few days.

The Christian Scientist sect. Somehow doctors and medical science aren’t part of God’s divine will.

Unless you’re Shannon Miller. In which case elbow surgery so you can be ready for Barcelona is perfectly fine.

It’s more than just them, though. There’s lots of small sects that have varying degrees of restrictions on medical care.

The FIG’s website hasn’t updated.

I have heard “Chum Chum” a few times too from this ultra religious couple. I have a few looney religious family members too that have their own phrases.

Every time I hear/see CHUM CHUM! I think of the Nickelodeon show, which makes the phrase even more ridiculous to me.

In Shannon’s case only her mom was a Christian Scientist. Her dad was not so compromises were made when he insisted on medical care. IIRC he was a physics professor.

Yeah, this family belonged to an evangelical megachurch. Their surviving child (my former schoolmate) went on to attend Liberty University and now works as a youth pastor and music director for the very same church.

I am not an expert in Christian science, but I thought it is not against their religion to actually get medical help they pray first and if prayers aren’t working, they can actually go. I think it’s one of those things that on TV they go to an extreme for dramatic affect.

I have no idea. Everything I know about Christian Science comes from the book Shannon Miller’s mom wrote lol. I don’t know anything else about it.

I grew up in a relatively evangelical church (though very moderate by comparison to the extremes), and am currently in a mainline denomination. Though I know some groups have beliefs about eschewing medical care, I never saw it growing up, it would have been considered extreme by those I knew. Unfortunately politics seem to have affected that some in the last few years, and a few people I distantly know have become opposed to certain medical treatments (mostly masking and vaccinations), but it was basically unheard of in groups I knew until then.

Malabuyo confirms she’s competing

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So then Finnegan must also be competing since they are both on the nominative roster.

It could be an exciting battle between Philippines and Taiwan for the final slot.

The article makes it sound like Emma isn’t competing AA, so she’ll need them to qualify as a team.

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I wish Finnegan will be there. They need her Yurchenko 1.5 to secure a team spot.

Talk of Worlds and Olympics seems optimistic to me if she isn’t doing the AA. The Philippines qualifying as a team was already difficult but knowing they will only get two routines from Malabuyo only makes it harder. I hope she did fully understand the qualifying process before committing to this.

Even though I want to see her compete, I agree. Also, floor and beam are not effective to secure high team scores relative to vault and bars.

Staying on the beam is very important for teams fighting for those spots at Worlds.

They might be OK with vault, but a lot of smaller countries really struggle with bars. I think this is a case where with more preparation the former US elites could add a lot to the team score, but the gap from NCAA bars to FIG is big. It’d take more work to get ready than beam or floor. But I think the Philippines would still like to have her even with missing CRs like Lynnzee Brown today.

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