2023 American Classic

Takes place July 8/9th. Melanie DJDS and Kayla DiCello are on the roster. Ella Kate Parker on the roster for the juniors; I’m interested to see how she looks cause the downward trajectory since winning Jr pan Ams has been morbidly fascinating.

USAG’s Instagram with full sr/jr/hopes roster: https://www.instagram.com/p/CuIFOjOuPvL/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

Ella Kate Parker is interesting, she’s not on the US Classic roster.

N/m, I see she is on the updated roster.

I had forgotten this hadn’t happened already.

What gym is Ella Kate with right now?


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Junior live scores: MyUSAGym

Any place to see start lists?

Reese Esponda posted about having a new floor, choreography by Betty Okino, but it isn’t ready yet I believe.


Junior start list: https://myusagym.com/meets/live/86421/session/3/startList/

Senior start list: MyUSAGym

And just as a reminder that start lists also have d and e score breakdowns

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Juniors need a 50.00 all around to qualify to nationals. That’s a 12.5 average.

Seniors need a 51.00 AA (12.75), 39.00 3-event (13.00), or 26.40 2-event (13.20). Those who attempt all around but fall short can qualify as a 2 or 3 event specialist if they meet the score criteria.

Yay Reese! 13 on floor. I expect it’s one of her strengths since she was awarded most difficult tumbling at a recent camp.

I’m excited for her. She’s the first Montanan in 40 years to get to elite. One more good score and she will be qualified for Nationals.


That’s really neat!

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She only needs a 11.250 on beam. Hopefully she can stay on.

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It’s doable. Her Winter Cup beam was 11.85.

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She’s really improving. 13.05 for beam

eta: I think she recently added the standing Arabian.


Juniors who met the qualifying score:
Kieryn Finnell
Tatum Drusch
Claire Pease
Reese Esponda
Isabella Anzola
Maliha Tressel
Ally Damelio
Sage Bradford
Nicole Desmond
Camie Westerman


This isn’t being broadcast anywhere?

I don’t believe there has ever been coverage of American Classic (in recent years sometimes the senior lineup is literally only 3 to 5 athletes), but USAG is providing streams this year on FlipNow. Proceeds go to USA Gymnastics Athlete Support Programs.

Ah, i forgot about flipnow. Wonder if that is more profitable than just monetizing a youtube stream?

I paid for Flipnow for just this month. You can cancel any time. 9.99 is what I paid. Some books and movies cost more than that but I will cancel after today.

Junior AA winner’s bars, Kieryn Finnel.


Reese Esponda’s floor: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CueTR-PLFB5/?igshid=MTIzZWMxMTBkOA==

I’m not sure if that’s Betty Okino’s choreography but it is different music than her Winter Cup routine.