2022 worlds in review

These threads were a lot of fun but I can’t remember all the categories we used to have. Mods feel free to edit this template post if I’ve missed things.

You can answer for WAG or MAG or both.

Most impressive newcomer:
Most impressive veteran:
Biggest surprise:
Favourite skill:
Longines prize for elegance (RIP):
Favourite EF:
Most missed in EF:
Biggest score quibble:
Best event to watch:
Worst event to watch:
Rule that needs to change:
Best leotard:
Worst leotard:

Highlights: USA WAG “comeback”, Rebeca winning AA as everybody wanted her to, GB’s MAG and WAG coming through
Lowlights: Pommel Horse in MAG TF
Most impressive newcomer: Shoko Miyata
Most impressive veteran: Rebeca Andrade
Biggest surprise: Japanese WAG showing out with brand new team, Asher Hong’s Kolman save
Favourite skill: Skye’s back 1/1, Shilese’s arabian in AA
Longines prize for elegance (RIP): Shilese
Favourite EF: WAG UB
Most missed in EF: Flavia
Biggest score quibble: Jade’s EF FX lol
Best event to watch: Bestworst would have to be MAG TF lol
Worst event to watch: MAG Pommel Horse
Rule that needs to change: EF vault rules for MAG and WAG
Best leotard: I liked Wei Xiaoyuan’s in UB final

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GB dominance
Lowlights: No Russia
Most impressive newcomer: Shilese Jones.
Most impressive veteran: Ellie Black
Biggest surprise: Canada team bronze
Favourite skill: nothing really stands out
Longines prize for elegance (RIP): Rebeca Andrade
Favourite EF: Womens floor
Most missed in EF: Angelina Melnikova
Biggest score quibble: Alice Kinsella AA
Best event to watch: womens AA
Worst event to watch: women’s vault
Rule that needs to change: 2 per country
Best leotard: Italy team final
Worst leotard: GB. I wish they’d realise they don’t always need to use their national colours

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Highlights: All the medalists, especially GB women’s team and watching Canada break into tears as they realized they’d medaled
Lowlights: Water dripping on the equipment, NBC’s emphasis on the errors after men’s team finals as the recap
Most impressive newcomer: Shilese Jones
Most impressive veteran: Rebecca Andrade
Biggest surprise: Canada women’s team medal
Favourite skill: Shilese’s handstands on bars, I could watch them all day
Longines prize for elegance (RIP): Laura Casabuena
Favourite EF: high bar
Most missed in EF: Rebecca’s vaults
Biggest score quibble: I felt Shilese may have been slightly underscored in the AA, even though the order in the medals was correct
Best event to watch: floor is becoming much more watchable with the new artistry emphasis
Worst event to watch: pomel horse because of all the errors
Rule that needs to change: requiring only one vault except for finals and finals qualification
Best leotard: Team USA lavender
Worst leotard: anything with mesh that showed underboob


what would you like changed?

Highlights: GB + Canada medaling in TFs; Japan’s overall performance
Lowlights: Skye’s BB in EFs; China’s splatfest; Flavia’s injury
Most impressive newcomer: Shoko Miyata
Most impressive veteran: Shilese and Rebeca
Biggest surprise: Canad eking out that bronze
Favourite skill: Luo Rui’s laidout jaeger
Longines prize for elegance (RIP): Shilese
Favourite EF: BB, mainly for Japan being 2/3s of the medal podium
Most missed in EF: Flavinha
Best event to watch: FX EFs was quite exciting
Worst event to watch: BB EFs was a bit of a splatfest though

Highlights: Canada’s TF medal, Japan’s unexpected competitiveness, Rhys’ PH gold
Lowlights: Flavia’s injury
Most impressive newcomer: Shoko
Most impressive veteran: Black, Andrade, Kinsella
Biggest surprise: Canada’s bronze
Favourite skill: Andrade’s vaults, aside from that QF one
Longines prize for elegance (RIP): Jones
Favourite EF:
Most missed in EF: Thorsdottir
Biggest score quibble: Gadirova’s beam in AA
Best event to watch: TF; always a favourite for me
Worst event to watch: For some reason the floor and beam finals left me flat. Though that might have been gymnastics overload.
Rule that needs to change: dunno
Best leotard: don’t remember
Worst leotard: don’t remember

Highlights: Both GB teams coming top three in qualifications and finals. It was a very different experience watching them with expectation rather than hope!
Lowlights: Flavia’s injury and all the TF mistakes.
Most impressive newcomer: The entire JPN WAG team, stunning beam in qualifications and oh so close to a team medal.
Most impressive veteran: Ellie Black
Biggest surprise: Canada winning TF bronze with delightful reaction scenes. GB winning a TF medal counting a 10.466!
Favourite skill: Andrade’s Cheng.
Longines prize for elegance (RIP): Dunno.
Favourite EF: WAG FX had a lot of stories and drama (ITA substitution, Carey’s score enquiry, Gadirova scrutiny) plus some excellent routines. MAG VT was unusually calm because so many potential splats didn’t get through qualifying. Nevertheless the quality at the top was fantastic, very close competition. Sentimentally PH and Rhys’s long overdue world title was very special.
Most missed in EF: Andrade’s vaults, correctly tied ribbon.
Biggest score quibble: Not a quibble but I could never tell if Nedoroscik had completed his planned difficulty so his scores were always a surprise. For an actual quibble I’ll go with GB WAG VT scores in qualifications. I think everyone was tired by then and they were all a tad high.
Best event to watch: WAG FX, the focus on artistry is really working and there was a lot of quality a long way down.
Worst event to watch: UB, routines are just too similar these days.
Rule that needs to change: The wonky round offs and twisting somersaults on MAG FX are getting on my nerves and should be penalised more.
Best leotard: The pinky-purple USA EF leotard (Carey VT) looked lovely in person, nice to see something different.
Worst leotard: BRA qualifications. I’m also not a fan of the current trend for a hard lines in the middle of the torso breaking up different design elements (e.g. GBR TF).


Do they have a “precision” deduction in the MAG code? I wonder if this could be used. Although there is a base of MAG coaches/judges who insist that this is a valid technique, even if it is very unsightly.

I don’t think they have deductions in place for this right now, really. But it is very unsightly, and it is artistic gymnastics. Technique should be considered with art, not as separate from it.