2022 World Gymnastics Championships WAG All Around Final (Thursday 11/03)

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Flavia withdraws, which isn’t a surprise:

I’m scared she will push to get into the floor final and then try a whip full in on a busted ankle…


Maellyse Brassart is in


Random fact about the qualifiers for the AA final. Before Saraiva withdrew, every gymnast who qualified for the AA final scored at least 12 on every event in qualification.

Two gymnasts, Ondine Achampong and Aline Friess, scored at least 12 on every event but missed out under the two per country rule. Egypt’s Zeina Sharaf was the only gymnast to score 12 on every event and not make the final without the involvement of that rule. Everyone else who competed AA in qualifications had at least one score less than 12.


We must do penance to appease the Gym Gods. A sacrifice in order to have Rebeca as all-around champion.


The pressure Andrade must be feeling on her shoulders right now is immense. She knows that the only person that can lose the gold for her is herself. If she hits 4 for 4, no one else can catch her.

I can’t imagine trying to go to sleep when you know that.


She could probably fall twice, maybe three times, and still win, right? The gold should be secure.

The excitement is the race for silver and bronze.

I don’t know, three times is a lot and usually doesn’t equal exactly -3.00. Broken connections or technical errors that caused the fall will count as well. And things like that second vault on qualifications are way more costly as well, obviously.

I’d say one (normal) fall would probably be safe.

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Not at all. Shilese can score within point and a half of her with hit routines.

Rebeca with 1 beam fall (no loss of connection or requirements) in TF scored 56.698

Shilese didn’t have her best day in TF, scoring lower on every event than QF, but her 3 event total was 41.999. With her QF beam, that would be 55.199. Her QF AA was 55.7 something.

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In the pre Simone era, a 1.5 buffer was considered pretty comfortable!


With Rebeca I think I’m more worried about landing bounces.

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I think she’s clearly the frontrunner, but i mean, that was also the case in Tokyo and there she did collapse a bit on floor, she could have definitely won gold, but she didn’t throw everything away. I think it’ll be what it’ll be, but she knows this kind of pressure

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In the pre-Simone era we regularly saw E-scores over 9! :laughing: That was ages ago.


My hopes for the competition:

  1. Rebeca puts it together and wins it
  2. Shilese’s routines get the respect they deserve
  3. Melanie has her best day and a little redemption
  4. Jade cleans up the entry into her cheng.
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Another person has withdrawn, but not sure who, because the second reserve is in: EDIT: Apparently it’s Tang Xijing who is withdrawn

4 is wildly improbable tho

Maybe they should have been wishes…then it could magically happen.