2022 World Gymnastics Championships Team Qualifications (Saturday 10/29 SD 1&2- Sunday 10/30 SD 3-10)

they are if you do them like He Kexin but most don’t

I personally prefer them to the majority of requisite backward swinging full pirouette skills being performed. I think they’re quite elegant for most of the gymnasts (obviously not this particular performance by Melanie) and someone incurring a .1 or .3 angle deduction doesn’t ruin it for me by any means.

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I just find it frustrating to get through half the routine with 0.5 off, and then I see her higgins roll and I just go 3. 3. 3. 3

it’s so annoying to judge lol

Melanie’s pirouette sequence is often beautiful, but all those deductions ruin her score. I agree with Doug, it’s frustrating to watch very talented gymnast not get the credit they deserve. It’s also paradoxical situation, because I want to see routines that are objectively beautiful, and screw the code, but at the same time people’s hard work won’t be rewarded enough if they don’t follow the code.

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No I agree, I’m just saying what do we suppose that her net additional deductions are from this routine construction? Cuz if you compare the most common ways that folks get through these comp requirements you’re still gonna rack up a lot of the same deductions…

  1. Full turning element (maybe from a toe-on or stalder): -0.3 is super typical
  2. Blind Change (with a Jaeger connection): probably the most common way to get your front grip requirement, and a combo that many gymnasts can get close to 0.0 deduction but this then sets them up for deduction trap #3
  3. KCH 1/2 turn or giant 1/2 turn: often the biggest deduction we’ll see in entire routines, 0.3 or 0.5 not uncommon (I have tried and failed to come-up with a routine for Leanne Wong that avoids this trap)

I guess one immediate thing for Melanie is that she could change her in-bar stalder higgins to either an in-bar stalder blind change or if she can’t do that, just do an in-bar giant (still a D-rated skill right?) then swing into a blind change, which is a way better set-up to land in handstand versus higgins which is almost impossible. Whatever she loses in connection value (0.1? 0.2? idk) is probably neutralized at that point. After that, seems to me like her net margin for doing a front giant full is close to 0, if you compare it to a back giant pirouette (her completion angle was actually not terrible, ignoring her faltering banana back arch mistake), and then her final front giant 1/2 is no worse than your average back giant equivalent.

It’s just one measly tenth, unfortunately.

I think that the pirouette angle deductions are the gymnastics equivalent of terrorism.

It’s generally always at least .7, and much of the time it ends up being more. She should get on the Tkatchev 1/2 + Ezhova train. If she changes her Maloney to an Inbar entry then the Toe 1/1 could be used too.

Leanne’s current routine got rid of that issue. Now if only she would connect out of the Pak again (and get scored properly by the judges when she goes super clean). Ideally I’d still want her to do something else, the Stalder 1/2 + Jaeger isn’t the most valuable thing to be doing, but maybe she’s really bad at Tkatchevs? Not sure.

MDJDS should train:

Nabieva + Pak FD .2
Komova II + Bhardwaj EE .2
Inbar 1/1 + Van Leeuwen EE .2
Inbar 1/2 + 1/2 turn DB
DLO 1/1 E
FEEEEEDD 3.9 + 2.2 + .6 = 6.7

I’m not sure if a regular Inbar 1/2 would be any better, would have to see her in training. Same for the Inbar 1/1, that skill can be a killer.

Can she do all of these skills?

See I’m kinda standing by my contention that her front giant full turn isn’t intrinsically much more problematic than whatever back giant equivalent she would need to replace for her composition requirement. Haven’t we seen those pesky toe-fulls take down even more reliable of gymnasts like Simone Biles and Rebeca Andrade?

The funny thing is this initial video Doug posted she has the wonky back arch probably because she was pursuing her handstand position more aggressively, and it kinda did work, if you look at her completion angle it’s decent. But then in team finals she ended having huge struggles on multiple kip cast handstands (!), so who really knows, seems to be having consistency issues across the board that give off the air of nerves more than mechanics.

Yeah that’s a great handstand, but she probably got 0.3 for the arch/bobble anyway!

We haven’t seen inbar 1/1, Komova II, or inbar 1/2 to reverse grip from MDJDS I don’t think. But she competes an inbar

Thank you for the information. I appreciate it.

It’s amazing how valuable piked stalders are to a D-score. Not only does it get a gymnast 0.3 for the elements, but it also raises connection bonus 0.1 in most cases. That one ability increases the D-score by about half a point.

MAG upgraded all piked stalders (and endos) by one letter but we aren’t seeing a ton of them yet. I thought it would be an epidemic!

The toe-full doesn’t take people down every single time. Melanie is always getting a big deduction on both the Inbar 1/2 and L-grip 1/1.

She did the Komova II in 2017.